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The Quarter at Icon Village (Tanjong Pagar)

untitled-16Located at Tanjong Pagar, the revamped extension of ICON Village, is where The Quarters is. Instead of the usual cafe food affair, The Quarters has its menu set on ModSin cuisine.  Some of the interesting items spotted on the menu are Satay burger, Ma Jie’s indulgence and duriancanboleh. Hence, the group of us made our way down to try the food on one of the Saturdays. untitled-7Besides serving The Quarters’ version of mojito (The Quarter – $16), there is a non-alcoholic version, the Quarterade, which is made of lemon, mint and dill. We like how refreshing this drink is and unanimously agreed that it is a great quencher. thequartersFor starters, we had the Har Cheong Gai ($9.50), Calamari ($13.80), Salted Egg Fries ($9) and Umami Babi ($10.80). While I find my dining partners going gaga over the salted egg sauce that is served with the fries, I was a tad disappointed with the lack of flavours from the sauce. The squid for the Calamari was perfectly cooked but the batter was slightly too thick and unevenly coated for my liking. My favourite among the four would be the Umami Babi which is similiar to pulled pork with a chinese twist. It reminded me of the good old lor bak (braised pork) that my ah ma used to cook. untitled-20Uncle Ben ($14) was The Quarters’s take on egg benedict but the oddly shaped poached eggs got us amused for a while. For people who like curry might welcome that hint of curry aroma in the hollandaise sauce. If not, skip this for the Satay Burger!untitled-28This is definitely the highlight for me. The chicken thigh was thoroughly infused with the satay spices and the rice made in house has a crispy shell with soft fluffy innards which I totally enjoyed! I would recommend this dish to anyone who likes Satay. =)untitled-19I have tasted many different version of chilli crab but never as a pasta dish. Ma Jie’s Indulgence ($18) has pleasantly let me crossed another of the dish in my imaginary eat list.  Made with fresh herbs, this chilli crab with linguine dish has the heat to warm the tummy without being overly sweet (a common mistake while cooking chilli crab). untitled-44This is no doubt about why this is the signature at The Quarter. The creme brulee was smooth and creamy. That distinctive taste of the durian made it very addictive for durian lovers. I can see that sign of blissfulness as we tucked into this dessert. SO guys, do not miss this!untitled-29Thank you The Quarters for hosting us. This is indeed a great way to start the weekend with the lovely folks. I am missing the duriancanboleh as I update this post. =Suntitled-26I appreciated the fact that the business owner put in all the efforts to serve unconventional cafe food instead of the usual cafe food that we can find anywhere. There are some hits and misses but with the warm friendly service and reasonable price tag, I would definitely come back again.

The Quarters
16 Enggor Street #01-09 Icon Village Singapore 079717
Tel: +65 6834 4174
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 10pm
Sat 10am to 10pm
Sun 10am to 6pm



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