Usher in the Lunar New Year at Goodwood Park Hotel

I have fond memories of visiting Min Jiang as a kid, and I recall with nostalgia many meals there. The wood-fired Peking Duck at the One-North branch has always been a highlight for me as well, although it has been many years since I have been to either. Since I’m not going to be in Singapore for Chinese New Year, I jumped at the chance to have a festive meal at a restaurant that I would be sure wouldn’t disappoint. Continue reading

Ellenborough Market Café ——农历新年套餐

位于Swissotel 的Ellenborough Market Café主打娘惹菜自助餐,餐厅内的装潢摆设:娘惹瓷器、色彩绚烂的瓷砖等,都表现出土生华人的风格。为配合农历新年,餐厅推出了团圆饭套餐,为除夕团圆饭犯愁的家庭提供了一份选择,新年期间想聚个餐的亲戚朋友或同事也都可来尝尝鲜。
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Basilico’s 2017 Basilissimo dinner menu

headerAt close to the tail end of 2016, I managed to squeeze in a short trip to Udine in the Northeastern part of Italian. Here, the cuisine style is simple and hearty, with an emphasis on venison as well as the Udine Ribolla Gialla, a fine sparkling wine that everyone here knows and appreciates, but which rarely makes it on to the radar of outsiders. At La Subida, I had the most amazing venison ragù pasta.
Back in Singapore, the only Italian restaurant that I can think of that does something similar is Basilico in Regent Hotel. This ristorante needs no introduction. With not only a seasonal menu that offers the most premium Italian produce, but also one that switches cooking style according to the different regions, it is the ideal place to get exposed to Italian Cuisine 101. This month, diners will be in for a tantalising treat as they try the newly unveiled Winter & Spring Menu. 
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Product Review: Klarity Diamond Glow Eye Nano Treatment, Diamond Glow Overnight Masque, Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion

Alright, I got to confess that I am quite a sucker for skincare products and anything that is highly raved by people. So if you tell me that celery is good for my health, I will drink/ eat it (which I have been doing for Recently, I have came across Klarity, the first Halal certified brand with several products that are highly raved by many. So how can I not try them, right?
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