Five Reasons Why You Should Try Aerial Yoga at least once in your lifetime

I remembered one of the circus performance that left me feeling super in awe was the aerial performance by the world famous Cirque du Soleil. Suspended high up in the air by a silky fabric, the performers danced in the air with such gracefully movement to display how agile and flexible they were. So when the opportunity arise, I jumped into trying out Aerial yoga at the Trium Fitness for the first time of my life. Surprisingly, it was not as scary and difficult as I thought. Stay with me as I share with you why you should try aerial yoga at least once in your lifetime!
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Travelogue – A Brand New Genting Highlands

Working on a strategically located island like Singapore, travelling oversea is like a breeze. Recently, my friend and I went on a quick holiday to RWS Genting. We were lucky to find ourselves checking into the NEWLY built tower, Tower 3 of First Hotel. If you have not heard about it, Genting Highlands has recently went through a overhaul! You will be surprised on how much it has changed! Continue reading

Cat & the Fiddle ‘Queen Bee’ Mother’s Day cake and Mother’s Day Promotion

This coming Mother’s Day, Cat & The Fiddle’s Pastry Chef Daniel Tay has teamed up with Australian brand Nature’s Farm to introduce a limited edition “Queen Bee” Mother’s Day Cheese Cake using Nature’s Farm® UMF® 5+ Manuka honey to replace the usual sugar. Woohoo~~ a cake with all the beauty benefits! Continue reading