F&B outlets open during CNY 2017

Time flies, here we are to usher into a brand new year, the Year of the Rooster. I am sure many of you would prefer to go cafe hopping and food hunting before any house visiting, right? Well, afterall foodhunting is a national hobby, isn’t it? As per usual, here I am to share with you what are the F&B outlets that are opening during this CNY period. This is basically an updated list from last year post with some of the new F&B outlets like Foxhole Cafe, Kam’s Roast, Ninja Cut, Otto’s Deli Fresh and many others included in the list.
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Product Review: Klarity Diamond Glow Eye Nano Treatment, Diamond Glow Overnight Masque, Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion

Alright, I got to confess that I am quite a sucker for skincare products and anything that is highly raved by people. So if you tell me that celery is good for my health, I will drink/ eat it (which I have been doing for years..lol). Recently, I have came across Klarity, the first Halal certified brand with several products that are highly raved by many. So how can I not try them, right?
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Beauty Review: New Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment from SkinLab The Medical Spa

I know I have said this for like thousands of times but I really really love facial. Apart from daily skincare routine, I find that facial is essential to keep our skin at a tip top condition especially before and after travelling. Recently, SkinLab The Medical Spa has launched a new facial, Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment, and I jumped on the opportunity to try it as I was hoping to look great for my NYC holiday. Well, wouldn’t you be tempted if you find out that the Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment has pore minimising effect, helps to stimulate collagen production and boost skin cell renewal!?
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5 facts you might not know about Bata

BATA @ Compass One-3
Do you still remember where did you buy your first pair of shoes? My first pair of shoes that I bought was from Bata. I clearly remembered it was a pair of white school shoes. In fact, it was one of the place that I frequent the most during my school days for a pair of trusted shoes. However, as I grow up, Bata was clearly forgotten. Oppsss..
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