Travelogue – A Brand New Genting Highlands

Working on a strategically located island like Singapore, travelling oversea is like a breeze. Recently, my friend and I went on a quick holiday to RWS Genting. We were lucky to find ourselves checking into the NEWLY built tower, Tower 3 of First Hotel. If you have not heard about it, Genting Highlands has recently went through a overhaul! You will be surprised on how much it has changed! Continue reading

Travelling to winter countries with UNIQLO

One of my greatest joy in life is to travel and I always love to travel during the Autumn or winter season. And we are so blessed to be strategically located that travelling to countries with 4 seasons can be done all year round! Yes, I know what are you thinking, winter can be so cold right? Let me assure you, all you need is 2 sets of winter wear (4 if you want to take more ootds aka outfit of the day) and you can travel the world! So here I am to share with you my ootds from Uniqlo during my most recent holiday to New York and Canada where the temperature can drop to negative zero.
Continue reading

Mini Travel Guide to Nanjing

A weekend getaway is fast becoming the norm for most Singaporeans, and with an increasing number of options to venture, we are definitely spoilt for choices. Away from the usual spots, I have always wanted to revisit Nanjing, one of China’s six ancient capitals and a modern metropolis near Shanghai and Hangzhou, but the city has often been overshadowed by her neighbors. Continue reading