LeVeL33’s new Executive Chef and NEW menu

The integrated multi-zone dining at LeVeL33 has returned with the dine-in restrictions relaxed. But the best part is LeVeL33 has also welcomed new Executive Chef, Jake Kowalewski with new dishes that are putting more emphasis on the sustainability and quality fresh produces. So let’s go and check it out!

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Oysters are always good when they are at their freshest. Surprisingly, these Australian oysters that we had are dynamites packed with flavours. The half a dozen of oysters ($38) are topped with jelly made from LeVeL33’s Brut Beer as well as Avruga caviar, housemade dill oil and a pinch of finger lime beneath, which complemented each other so well. I can safely say this is one of the better fresh oysters around.

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One distinctive difference among the microbreweries, there is always some beer element in the dishes served in LeVeL33. For example, Sustainable Australian Kingfish ($24) is served in a wheat beer ponzu dressing that is made with bonito, lemon, lemon juice, lime juice and fermented wheat beer vinegar which is fermented in-house for at least 2-3 week with LeVeL33’s Wheat Beer. I kid not, this is a refreshing starter that is worth more than a try.

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Lobster Roll is always a hot favourite no matter where you go. The Local Slipper Lobster Roll at LeVeL33 is made with a locally sourced lobster that is poached and chilled, before mixing with a housemade nori aioli and topped with a Kohlrabi (aka German turnip) slaw, Avruga caviar and chives.

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If you are feeling peckish and wanted something to go with your beer, Chilli Salt & Pepper Local Squid ($24) is one of the option to consider. I like how the squid is so crispy on the outside without being overcooked. Best of all, the locally sourced fresh squid paired so well with that Vietnamese Nuoc Cham dipping Sauce which is myriad of flavours – sweet, mildly spicy, tangy and savory.

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It is not hard to fall in love with the Chicken Inasal Skewers ($7 each). The chicken wing is first brined in LeVeL33’s Blond Lager and then marinated in lemongrass, ginger, garlic, black pepper, and coconut vinegar for 24 hours. This is why it is so juicy, moist and flavoursome inside out. Then it is grilled over charcoal which gives it a nice smokiness. While grilling, it is also basted with a house-made annatto butter which give it a nice crispy and gentle heat.

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I am kinda particular when it comes to any fish dish as I find it hard to have a fish item executed perfectly. But I am happy to share that the Local Seabass ($38) at LeVeL33 really won my heart. The seabass is only seasoned with salt to retain its natural flavour then pan-seared till the skin is crisp and the flesh is just cooked. So what you get is a moist and delicious seabass with different textural bites coupled with a risotto is made with barley and a crab bisque. Healthier choice, ohhh I like!

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I would never thought that I would like any Pavlova as I alway find it too sweet. To my surprise, the Burnt Pavlova ($15) is not too sweet. Best of all, it is 100% vegan, dairy- free, egg-free. I like how it is slightly tangy and the coconut Chantilly is also very light. I must say it is quite a good dessert to round up a heavy meal.


8 Marina Boulevard

#33-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1

Singapore 018981

Operating hours: Mondays – Sundays, 12pm – 12am

+65 6834 3133





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