Product review: UHA’s Milk Candy & Soft Candy

I am always intrigued by Japanese related stuff, be it the language, the people or the products. Thus, I am elated when I received some Japanese candies for review. San Sesan Global has brought in UHA’s array of premium milk candies and gummies which will be available in 7-Eleven from now onwards. UHA stands for Unique Human Adventure and is one of the top candy manufacturer in Japan.

If you like old school candy like the rabbit brand candy, you will like this even more. The texture is harder but has a more rich and velvety milky taste. What I like about UHA Milk candy is that it is not so sweet! Made using fresh cream from Hokkaido, it has a high concentration of up to 10.2% milk! The candy is available in two flavours (plain or matcha) and is the No.1 Milk Candy in Japan!
For peeps who like softer and more chewy texture, you will like Puccho sweets. While the texture is similar to “Hi-chew”, it is totally different! The Puccho sweet is simply one of a kind! It is double-layered with a chewy exterior and a soft juicy gummy interior.
The Puccho candy is available in three flavours (grape, soda or cola). For Cola & Cream Soda flavor, a bubbling Xylitol tablet is added into the outer layer to create a sparkling and fizzy sensation.
Personally, I like the cola ones as I like the revelation of the soft juicy texture of the candy after all the  fizz from the outer layer.
Both UHA milk candy and Puccho candy are brought in by San SeSan Global, a leading food marketer, importer and distributor established in 1981. San SeSan means “Growing With Time”. Another popular brand that they have brought is “Tao Kae Noi”! So check out the products that they have brought in. UHA millk candy and Puccho candy are available in all 7-Eleven!
San SeSan Global Pte Ltd
53 Kim Keat Road Mun Hean Building #03-03 Singapore 328823
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