Thirsty Craft Beer Shop at Tiong Bahru

Located at the building just behind Link Hotel, I found this awesome bar that sells more than 100 kinds of beer. Adjoining to Tiong Bahru Bar (TBB), this is the third outlet of Thirsty Craft Beer Shop. Collaborated with TBB, you can enjoy the crafted beer with food served at TBB.I ordered Ha Jong Gai (Prawn Paste Chicken) to go with my beer. Instead of the usual chicken wings, chicken chunks are used for fuss-free consumption (for lazy people like me :p). I like how the chicken chunks are deep fried, crispy while retaining the moisture and juiciness of the chicken chunks. The piquant sambal belachan chilli served on the side is totally pleasing to have. It goes really well with the distinct prawn paste taste in the chicken chunks.

There is no lack for the selection of beers. For people who prefer to have their beer at the comfort of their home, you can save at least $2 per bottle. There is a surcharge for consumers who drink on the premise of TBB. But not to worry, the beers are relatively affordable with price tags starting from $8.

There is a huge variety of beers available. From fruity beers such as the blood orange beer to IPAs (Indian Pale Ale). There is definitely something for everyone. However, do not expect to find cheap beer that is less than $5 per bottle here. But while you can’t find cheap beers here, the beer selection you have is more interesting and the taste profiles are more extensive as compared to local beers. Do check this place out if you are around the vicinity. There is a cosy couch for you to enjoy your beer just like how you can do it at home or if you prefer outdoor seating, there are plenty too.

Thirsty Craft Beer Shop
3 Seng Poh Road,Singapore 168891
Operating hours: Tue ~ Fri 5pm-11pm
                 Sat & Sun 12pm-10pm
                 Closed on Mon
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