Facial Enhancements at Centre for Cosmetics Rejuvenation & Surgery

I have always wanted to beautify myself but the timid cat in me is too worried about going under the knife. Hence, I have been turning to aesthetics for my feature enhancements. Come on, who doesn’t want to look better right and it has been more than a year since I last did my fillers. Since I am approaching my birthday, I have decided to get myself a pampering session by beautifying myself. Stay with me as I share more about my experience with Dr. Liu Han Ping Irenaeus from Centre of Cosmetics Rejuvenation & Surgery. Continue reading

Canton Paradise @ Marina Bay Sands

Finding a place to eat at Marina Bay Sands can some times be of a challenge. Either you are stuck with the fine dining establishments or choices at the two generic food courts. Mid-tier restaurants with a more accessible price range is still pretty much missing in the integrated resort. I thought the recent opening of the latest Canton Paradise was timely and filled a much needed void. The Paradise Group, as one of Singapore’s most famous F&B exports need no introduction, and as with the group’s style the MBS outlet will offer some items unique and exclusive to the branch here to differentiate itself from the other five members.
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Hearth & Heat buffet at The Carvery

It is almost a no brainer for me to have the buffet at The Carvery in Park Hotel Alexandra when I am craving for a protein loaded meal. Seriously who can resist their 3 metre long craving station? I can’t! So when I get to know about the Hearth & Heat that will be running every Fri, Sat and Sun till 30th June, I was super elated! Besides the regular buffet, a myriad of premium meats and dishes will be roasted and cooked over a brand new Argentinian Grill! Sounds good, right? Stay with me as I share with you more.
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Ippin Cafe Bar’s new menu

Besides Meidiya and Emporium Shokuhin, Ippin Cafe Bar is probably the next best place in the city to get your hands on artisan food products from Japan. What distinguishes the latter from the former two “depa-chikas” is that the Yayoya Grocer curates far lesser items, those of which are less common and exclusive products to the store.
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