Abseil, more than just an aesthetic coffee bar

To be honest, I rarely go cafes these days for the fear that the place might disappoint me. So when my friend raved to me about Abseil, a chio coffee bar in Tanjong Pagar, I was piqued to check out this place.


Located at Eon Shenton, Abseil is a minimalistic coffee bar with only 5 tables. The interior is very clean and bright. I also like how monochromatic it is with black furniture and coffee equipment.


Besides serving espresso based coffee, there are filtered coffee and some bakes. I was actually kinda perplexed that the coffee beans are roasted by All Day Roasting Company in Taiwan instead of roasting them locally. Please don’t get me wrong, I tried All Day Roasting Company and I like their coffee. But isn’t that added cost to the cafe? haha.. none of my business but I cannot help to think that way.


Nevertheless, the coffee here be it white or iced black, they are smooth and delicious. Definitely worth more than a try. I am quite thankful that my friend asked me to check this place out as it didn’t disappoint. So no wasted calories or penny. =)

Eon Shenton, 70 Shenton Way #01-14 Singapore 079118
Operating Hours: 10am – 5.30pm (Closed on Tue)




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