Movie Review : Wolf of Wall Street

While everybody started the week with Monday blue, I was actually looking forward to Monday evening. Yes, you have guessed correctly, blessing is pouring on me again! I was very blessed to be invited by Shannen to go for the movie premiere of “Wolf of Wall Street” as she has won a pair of the ticket from Moovie Spy on facebook.

Photo Credit : Wolf of Wall Street Facebook Page

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, the movie is based on a true story of an American born in a middle income family and his journey from a thirst for wealth young aspiring stockbroker to a wealthy stock brokerage owner who also committed numberous securities fraud offenses and corruption while making himself very rich.

Photo Credit : Wolf of Wall Street Facebook Page

 At the beginning of the movie, young Jordan Belfort met Mark Hanna( played by Matthew McConaughey) who brought him to lunch and shared with him his little secrets to success in Wall Street were drugs and masturbation. Thereafter the movie began to feature Jordan Belfort’s stairway to success with a lot of scenes on drugs abuse and sex.  

Photo Credit : Wolf of Wall Street Facebook Page

Overall I find this almost 3 hours movie a bit draggy. However there are quite a lot of  scenes with black humour injected into the movie that made the movie bearable. If  you are looking for a movie with beautiful cars like Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, strong sexual contents, drug abuse, vulgarities and fantastic acting performance put up by the actors and actresses. This is the movie. Although the pace of the movie is relatively slow, I was impressed by acting put up. Especially the scene whereby Leonardo DiCaprio was suddenly striked by the delay effect of Lemmon 714, the so called holy grail of all the drug. Last but not least, the movie ended with Jordan Belfort sentenced to jail  for 36 months. In the movie, he expressed he was scared.  However just like Wall Street, everything is for sale in prison and there was a scene of him playing tennis in jail.  =.=

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