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Food Review: Arashi Yakiniku Charcoal Grill Restaurant @ 48 Boat Quay

Happy Blessed 2014 peeps! One of my resolution of the year is to update my blog posts more frequently and have lesser backlog. Haha
Photo Credit : Arashi Yakiniku Facebook Page
About 1 month ago, I was very blessed to be invited to Arashi Yakiniku for a food tasting organized by OpenRice.

Arashi Yakiniku Charcoal Grill Restaurant is a relatively new kid on the block that aim to provide a more affordable Japanese BBQ to the public. The about 3 months old restaurant is highly accessible be whether you are driving or taking public transport. It’s about 5 minutes walk from Raffles Place MRT along the riverbank of Boat Quay.
Arashi Yakiniku could be easily located with the distinctive Japanese facade decorated with huge sake bottles and lanterns. 
 If the weather is good and you are looking for a place to enjoy the beautiful night CBD scenery by the riverbank, I would suggest you to take the table outside the restaurant as the river view IMO is quite stunning.Arashi Yakiniku is actually a 3 storey restuarant with open concept on level. On level 2, it’s semi open concept which provide diners with more privacy and there are also 2 small private rooms for small groups to have a more to themselves meal.  On level 3, there are 2 huge private rooms that can accommodate bigger group up to 12 pax.
  Photo Credit : Shinpo Website  
One of the irritating thing about having a BBQ dinner is how the smell of the BBQ food lingers on our clothes. However at Arashi Yakiniyu, they are using high quality smokeless grill from Japan which used a unique technology that sucks in the surrounding air and smoke from the grill. As a result, food can be cooked more evenly and quickly. But best of all, having a meal here also means no more smelly clothes when we walk out of the restaurant! And if there is not enough to convince you to have a japanese BBQ, they are also using white charcoal which is almost smokeless, odorless and is chemical free. Brilliant isn’t it!I was slightly late so when I reached Namuru ($7.80), Japanese side dishes of pickled bean sprouts, spinach and shimeiji mushrooms, was already served on the table.
 Arashi Kaisen Salad ($15.80), Japanese Seafood salad,  is a very refreshing dish to kick start the dinner. It is very light and appetizing with the slightly sour salad dressing that compliment the greens and salmon sashimi very well. However do remember to toss the salad before you start enjoying this dish. 

At Arashi Yakiniku, the meat are all imported from either Japan or Australia with a minimum meat quality of A4. We were very blessed to be able to start with  “Ohmi” grade A4 wagyu beef, reservation is needed if you want to try the grade A5 wagyu meat. Depending on personally preferences, there are tenderloin, ribeye and sirloin available from $68.80 per serving. Personally I like the tenderloin the most. However to be frank all the different cuts of meat are all very good, look at the grain and marbling on the meat!Yummilious! They are very tender after the grilling and each bite of the meat has this light charred flavour. Thumb up!
Assorted vegetables($10.80) with a selection of asparagus shoots, Shitake mushrooms, pumpkin slices, onions slices and leeks is a perfect for health conscious people like me. Personally I like the pumpkin slices a lot as after grilling, it is soft and sweet.
 At Arashi Yakiniku, Ninniku Gohan ($4.80),Garlic Fried Rice, is cooked just before they are served. Thus the rice is exceptionally fragrant. Personally i like this a lot as it’s really well cooked and full of flavor.  
Asari Miso Soup ($7.80), Clam Miso Soup, is rather different from the conventional miso soup. Beside retaining the miso soup flavour, the natural sweetness of the clam enhanced the whole soup drinking experience. Yummy!
As the fish meat lover, I was elated when I saw Gindara Nitsuke ($18.80), Japanese Cod Fish, being served. It was cooked to perfection, well seasoned and even the carrot and mushroom that comes with it tastes delicious.
Assorted Seafood Platter ($28.80) consist of squid, tiger prawns, salmon slices and scallop. I find this set very affordable and I was also told that the prawns are delivery daily. No wonder they are so fresh and juicy. Definitely a must order item IMO.
Tempura Moriwase ($28.80) is another of my favorite dish of the night. The tempura batter is simply spot on! Not to thick or too thin. It nicely wrapped the prawns and vegetables and the end result is crispy on the outside and when you bite onto it, the fresh juicy prawn and soft hot vegetables are revealed! A specialty by Arashi Yakiniku that is not to be missed. For pork lover, over here they served Japanese Kurobuta pork belly($19.80) and pork collar($20.80) which has more fats and is more suitable for BBQ. I didn’t try this as I was already very full when the meat is served. According to fellow openricers, the quality of the meat is very good and has this melt in your mouth kind of experience. So pork lovers do try it and share with me your experience. =) 
Tomi Tare Chicken ($9.80), chicken marinated in shoyu, is another dish which we have tried. The meat is well marinated and as thigh meat was used so you can be assured of the tenderness of the meat.
 What is life without desserts, right? We ended the night with some homemade Arashi mango pudding. I like the fact that there are some diced mango to compliment the pudding.
Thank you very much Openrice for organising such a delicious food tasting event at Arashi Yakiniku. I have enjoyed myself very much and have a great time meeting fellow foodies.
Last but not least, I was given some of these beautiful calender from Openrice to share with my readers. Send me an email via “contact me” on the top right corner of my blog to get your hands on this beautiful calender. 
Arashi Yakiniku Charcoal Grill Restaurant
No. 48 Boat Quay Singapore 049837
Contact: 6535 2841 / 8118 6383 (call or sms for reservation)
Opening Hours: 11:30am-3pm (Lunch) / 5:30pm-11pm (Dinner)
Closed on Sundays

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