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Singapore National Day is going to be very special and different this year. Instead of catching performances and fireworks at the floating platform, Singapore’s 55th birthday bash will be digitalised with a series of home engagement activities. Hence, this is the best time to plan for a home party with your loved ones to celebrate the National Birthday together.
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I have recently found out about PartyDiva.Co, an one-stop curated and collaborative e-commerce and marketplace from Gifting, to Events and Party Planning. So basically, you can source for everything you need for your party at this one-stop e-shop from the comfort of your home use.
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Food hunting is definitely one of the top priorities for any party and celebration as food hunting is one of our national hobbies. AMICI Catering, a homegrown boutique caterer, is offering this mini gourmet 5-course National Day Buffet ($108+) which comes with a complimentary 6” Raspberry Lychee Rose Cake to complete the meal on a sweet note.
I like how I have a choice to choose my preferred items for each course and the set can feed up to 7 people. I kid you not, the portion is more generous than it seems and ends up with a lot more leftover than expected for the next day. Not to mention that the set also comes with reuseable thongs and bio-degrable utensils.
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One of the highlights for us was the savoury 8-inch Nasi Lemak “Cake” ($132)from Nasi Lemak Indulgence. This is really good and everyone including the folks enjoyed it. We love how the Muar Otak and omelette is sandwiched with blue pea nasi lemak rice and topped with sambal, tempeh, anchovies, peanuts, fried shrimp paste chicken and quail eggs. Oh yes, not forgetting the papadum that comes at the side with it ! If you take a closer look, you would realise that this is a cake made to symbolise racial harmony, with every ingredient on this cake a symbolic gesture to the diversity of races and cultures in Singapore! As someone who doesn’t really loves cakes, this is one “cake” that I don’t mind eating. The blue pea nasi lemak rice is so fragrant while the sambal is packed with a fiery kick and you can find chunks of mackerel fish in the Muar Otak. So yummy can!
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The award winning Kueh Ho Jiak is known for having a creative and aesthetically pleasing rendition of traditional kuehs that are made with no additional preservatives or artificial colouring. This SG55 Celebratory Kueh platter ($37.50) is fully vegan, made with less sugar and salt, and they taste really great! In this set, you will get SG Flag Inspired red and white Heart Lapis, Veg Mini Rice Kuehs and Merlion Grated Coconut Ang Ku Kuehs.
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For the folks, we have also prepared some tea from Pétale Tea to go with all the food. Their National Day gift set ($65) features six of their best-selling tea balls, including their limited-edition blooming tea special “My Fair Lady”. Pétale, in French, means petal and as the name suggests, the brand specialises in organic handsewn blooming tea and flower infusion which are widely known for their beauty and health benefits. The set also comes with 2 Tea Glasses which are great to brew the tea and appreciate it blooming at the same time.
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No celebration is complete without some alcohol. Three Wisemen, a team of mixologists who specialises in artisan beverages like cocktails and mocktails, also launched their Limited edition cocktail, SG55 Nana Sling ($90, set of 5 x 120ml bottles) for this National Day! The cocktail is concocted with freshly squeezed lemon juice, homemade orange blossom water, pomegranate syrup and their very own Brugal Rum concoction infused with bananas and Cointreau. For someone who doesn’t like banana to begin with, I am surprised that the banana aroma wasn’t overwhelmingly strong. I think this is good as a starter before we proceed to stronger alcohol and for ladies, they would like it for its sweet aftertaste.
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Oh yes, to jazz up the National Day home party, don’t forget to get the limited-edition National Day Props Set from PartyDiva.Co which includes their National Day themed bunting, 3-tier cupcake stand, cake and food toppers. They are very useful, re-useable for any other occasion and features Singapore slangs such as “Chill Lah”, “Shiok Ah”, “Sibei Tok Kong,etc to get into the theme of celebration for our nation’s 55th birthday. For more information, do hop over to for your SG55 party needs.


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