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SouthWest CDC Healthy Food Hunt

Some lovely Sundays ago, I was very blessed to be invited by Calvin to attend the SouthWest CDC Healthy Food Hunt. This is a collaboration between OpenRice Singapore  and SouthWest CDC.

Photo Credit : Health Promotion Board

After 1 month of public voting on Facebook, 2 stalls at 448 Clementi Ave 3 Food Centre have topped the votes under the list of healthier hawker food program. In 2011, Healthier Hawker Food program was introduced with the aim to allow Singaporeans to have easy access to healthier food when eating out. Currently there is a list of hawker centres/coffeeshops/foodcourts that are serving healthier food choices.

Photo Credit : Health Promotion Board

Simply keep a lookout for the above decals displayed at the eateries and make a healthier food choice today =)

So does adopting the healthier food choice mean less yummy food? Let me assure you they are equally good and don’t be surprised that some are actually from those familiar famous stalls you already know of.

We started with the famous boon keng wanton noodle stall which first opened in the 1980s. For anybody people who frequent clementi, you would have noticed this unceasing queue at the said stall. So what is it that attracted people to them?

Although the plate of wanton mee noodles ($2.50) looks very ordinary, the noodles used are definitely of good quality. Besides being springy, they had not turned soggy even after we left it on the table for a while. Thus good to even tabao pack it back. Also, the serving is relatively generous and drenched with the flavourful black sauce. Best of all, it comes with both fried wanton and the wanton in soup. haha.. Best of the both worlds. The only thing that I didn’t really like is the cha siew which is rather bland and dry with the lack of the charred meat fragrance.
Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle ($2.50) 
Ipoh Hor Fun ($2.50)
Besides having a great sauce to pair with the springy hor fun, their serving of this dish is rather big as well. Only complain is where are the well-seasoned sliced mushrooms? lol
Dumpling Soup ($3.50)

I love the fact that the serving of vegetables here is really huge. On top of that, every dumpling is filled with ingredients such as a whole prawn, marinated minced meat and crunchy water chestnut bits. IMO definitely one of the better dumplings served in town.

Overall I think that the noodles served by Boon Keng Wanton Noodles stall are relatively tasty. And what sets them apart from other noodles stalls is their dark sauce used to compliment with the springy noodles/hor fun. 
Boon Kee Wanton Noodle
Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre
448 Clementi Ave 3 #01-40
Singapore 120448
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat: 0630 – 1615
               Closed on Sun


 Chicken Chop ($4.50)

The chicken chop here comes with a choice of 3 types of sauces – satay sauce, black pepper and the normal brown sauce. Personally I preferred the black pepper sauce as it is really peppery with a lot of crushed black pepper bits. The satay sauce is rather unique as it’s rarely seen being served elsewhere. However I find it slightly too nutty that it masked the taste of the chicken chop. What I would like to highlight is that the normal brown sauce is not exactly ordinary as comparedto the brown sauce served elsewhere. It’s slightly sweet and has the taste that is more inclined to tomato sauce.

Fish & Chips ($4.50)

The serving portion for their fish & chip is also relatively big. On top of that, the batter covering each fillet is not too thick and best of all it comes with 3 sides. Definitely a value for money!

Overall, the chicken chop is really tender and juicy while the fish is well seasoned. 
Tanglin Halt Western Food
Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre
448 Clementi Ave 3 #01-11
Singapore 120448
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun: 1030 – 2100
Once again, a big thanks to South West CDC and OpenRice Singapore for having organised this yummilious hawker affair food tasting event. On top of that, we were very blessed as the owner of Boon Keng Wanton Noodles specially opened his stall to accommodate this food tasting event. This led to the eventual success of this event (Boon Keng Wanton Mee is usually closed on Sundays).


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