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Sorry for the lack of updates in my blog recently. Ever since i start on my new job, my bio clock is having some hard time adjusting to the new waking up time. However I guess after 2 weeks, it’s at least getting better. I believe if my house has installed Ionwood then it would be much easier for me as i have been feeling very tired.

Photo Credit : IONWOOD Facebook

Some times ago, I was invited to Ionwood by Supreme Floor exclusive media launch. This is really something different from all the previous events that I have been attending. The reason why I attended it is because it is the world first wood flooring that promote health benefits. Thus with much curiosity I attended the event.

Photo Credit : IONWOOD Facebook

From the launch, I finally get to know why do I love to go to waterfall, hiking and such during holidays. It’s all because of the higher amount of negative ion present in such place that made me feel very happy.

Actually negative Ion has many benefits to our body. The followings are some of the benefits of negative ion :

  • Promotes Blood Circulation
  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Speedy Recovery from Tiredness
  • Promotes Metabolism
  • Improves mental concentration & performance
  • Purifies Air
  • Reduce radiation
  • Reduces Stress and ease anxiety
  • Reduces Asthma
Photo Credit : IONWOOD Facebook

The unique feature of Ionwood is they are at the range of 2000~ 5000 which is similar to the amount of negative ion found in the forest. This range of negative ion has natural healing power and helps us to combat from the positive ion ( from air pollutants & electricial appliances) that we face on a daily basis.





On top of that, there is 12 layers of base coat varnish and 1 layer of sapphire power finishing. Thus the end result is it’s highly scratch resistant, water resistant and termite resistant. The above picture is using a diamond cutting device to do the test on Ionwood (left) and ordinary wooden flooring (right) and yours truly have used all her strength to ensure that it’s a fair test.


Edmund Chen who self proclaimed to be a very health conscious person also share with the media that the reason why he endorsed in the product is because he believe in giving the best for his family which included health. And Ionwood beside all the above mentioned benefits, it also contains EO level of formaldehyde content which is lower than the European set standard. Fyi formaldehyde is the colourless irritating pungent smell that we experience whenever there we stepped into a newly renovated house.

So for anybody who wants a healthier lifestyle living, I thinkIonwood is a good choice to be installed in the house. Just a simple guideline, the cost of laying ionwood@supreme floor for 1 bedroom is around $2000~ $3000 SGD.
Photo Credit : IONWOOD Facebook

Think I must really start to save up for my future house as I am really quite tempted to get the Ionwood flooring. I can imagine that after work when I stepped into the house, after a while I will feel less tired and also how good my sleep would be…etc. The thought of it made me feel rather happy… haha.. Anyway below is a introduction of IONWOOD. To find out more, you can visit their website or like them on their facebook page .

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