Musical Review : A French Kiss in Singapore

Life is always a blessed journey walking with God. Last week I was invited by Shannen to attend the gala premiere of A French Kiss In Singapore at SOTA (School of the Arts) when she won a pair of tickets from material world.
This musical is brought to you by Hossan Leong, George Chan, Robin Goh and Linden Furnell. Gosh, I don’t know why but in my opinion any show/ musical with Hossan Leong is definitely worth watching! Not only will the show be filled with laughter, catch Hossan Leong taking on role from an old man to a young lady who loves lollipop. Of cos not to forget George Chan who is really a good dancer and singer while Robin Goh and Linden Furnell will let your ears be entertained with their powerful voices.After watching the musical, immediately I feel love is in the air. The musical adopted storytelling concept bringing to us some lovely french love songs from four of France’s most best known songwriters and performers.

  • Charles Aznavour, a French-Armenian singer/ songwriter who was named the Entertainer of the Century by CNN.
  • Serge Gainsbourg who was infamous for his controversial sense of homour and provocative lyrics.
  • Jacques Brel, Belgian French speaking singer- songwriter- actor who was internationally famous for his lyricism and theatricality
  • Charles Trenet, whose most popular song “Beyond the Sea” was the original soundtrack of “Finding Nemo”.

What a lot of us don’t know is a lot of French songs were translated into many other language and part of the highlights how the four of them cleverly injected humor while bringing to us the performance of a french song which was translated in different languages.Just in case you are wonder how did I managed to capture such clear shots, I was sitting in the front row lah. I can even clearly see their sweat rolling down after the second song. Seriously a lot of efforts have been put into this musical.

After the great performance from the four cast members, the guest were invited to a night of champagne, wines and canapes together with the cast.

It was really a fun filled night. Not only was I entertained with the great dancing of the four talented ones, some of the songs still ring in my head and not to forget the humor that that cleverly injected into the musical. Yes,i was blown away, and I couldn’t really find words to describe how I really feel after watching!!! It was really good so do catch it the musical soon!!!


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