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Photo Credit : Alkaff Mansion Website

About 2 weeks ago, I attended Black Paint Skincare Media Launch at Alkaff Mansion. Personally I think that the organiser of the event has done a perfect job on shortlisting the venue as Alkaff mansion being located in Telok Blangah Hill is so near to the nature!!! It’s just so apt with Black Paint skincare launch as it is a range of organic skincare made with no usage of chemical, preservative and emulsifier. Beside that the ambiance of this beautiful enchanting conservation building is definitely worth the effort to travel there. However it’s not very accessible unless you drive or take cab. =(

On top of the romantic enchanting ambiance, the finger food served was really good as well. Personally I like the mini tart with a quarter of quail egg on top one the most. Not to forget that the service here is also fantastic. No wonder the restaurant was awarded as one of Singapore’s Best Restaurants by Singapore Tatler and Singapore’s Top Restaurants by Wine & Dine.

Photo Credit : Black Paint Facebook
The event was started with the founder of Black Paint, Ms Miyuki Maeda, sharing with us the relationship between dermal bacteria, nutrients to our skin and how to achieve beautiful skin by focusing on our natural healing force instead of disinfecting the skin which many of the skincare products are doing. On top of that, she has also shared with us a little bit about how Black Paint was found. Black Paint was found 15 years ago with the aim to “activate” the natural healing power in our body as both Ms Miyuki and her daughter were plagued with illnesses. However today both are healthy and best of all, the fantastic range of organic skincare products has arrived in Singapore.
Photo Credit : Black Paint Facebook
Beside that, all the bloggers who attended the launch were all very blessed to have a step by step live demo done by Minako Maeda who is the area manager of Black Paint in Kyoto as well as Ms Miyuki Maeda’s daughter.
Photo Credit : Black Paint Facebook

Black Paint is really very sincere and serious with the product launch as beside Ms Miyuki Maeda, Ms Minako Maeda, they also have Ms Yuka Matsumoto who is Black Paint Daimaru Kyoto Store Manager to guide us along the way during the hand on session.

Last but not least, everybody who attended the Black Paint Media Launch was given a set of the full size Black Paint skincare to go back home and try.

To be frank, I didn’t use the product immediately as during the launch I vaguely remember that for best result, we must use the whole range and not mix with products from other range. Thus I was apprehensive. However after a few days, I hesitate no more. Look at my hands, can you tell which is the one that has gone through the whole Black Paint Skincare regime during the launch? FYI, this picture is taken a few days after the launch. From the picture, it’s not very obvious but exact fact is one hand is brighter and smoother as compare to another hand!!!
Photo Credit : Black Paint Facebook

I have been using the whole range of product for more than a week now and I can clearly see the differences from before and after. My pores become smaller, my skin become softer,smoother and less oily as compare to before. Best of all, the rough rough chin area that have been troubling me for years is now very smooth!!!

The above picture is actually the steps of how to use Black Paint products. I have also purposely went down to Westgate 2 Saturday ago with Shannen to make sure that I got the steps correctly. Ms Minako and Ms Yuka were so sweet to explain the steps clearly for me. On top of that, when they saw that I was suffering from sunburn, they even helped me to apply some rich wax only 5 (Ostrich balm which is currently still not available for sale in singapore) mixed with some best water ( Skin lotion to fix pore which also tighen pore while moisturizing the skin) onto my sunburn shoulder. ***Touched MAX***
Rich Wax only 5
Photo credit : Black Paint Japan
 Thing that I really really love about black paint products is they are not oily upon application though they look oily. Especially the water cream (aka the moisturiser), it seems as if the products just “coincide” and “reunion” with my skin to form a  matt protective silky layer . On top of that, my skin really became very smooth now that I can’t resist touching them. I am really in awe with the result. But do note that there might be some breakout appearing from initial usage. Luckily for me, it disappeared after 2 days so now I have very smooth and soft complexion that I am not shy to go out of my house without any foundation, bb powder or 2 way cake unless I am attending some event or what.

Currently Black Paint is only available at Westgate Mall ISETAN B2 (3 Gateway Drive, S608532) which is in Jurong East. However if you want to find out more you can visit their facebook or website for more details. But to experience it, you gotta go down to the counter for some hand on session.  =)
Photo Credit : Black Paint Facebook

Last but not least, a big thank you to Cynthia, the marketing executive of  Black Paint, for the invite to the event. It was indeed a very fruitful one.  Ms Miyuki has been a big inspiration for me to pursuit my dreams and she has also proved that with love nothing is impossible.  At least her love for her daughter has helped them and also many other women with skincare issues.

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