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Hannibal Season 3 Singapore Screening Party x Food review at Bacchanalia

Fans of Hannibal cheers cos Hannibal Lecter is back! And the world’s most notorious cannibalistic serial killer is on the run. Fans of the AXN original series “Hannibal” – affectionately known as ‘Fannibals’ – will enjoy the thrill of the chase starting with the first episode simulcast on AXN websites around the world as season three premieres in the U.S. Across Asia, the premiere episode was streamed on the AXN Asia website ( on Friday June 5 at 1pm Singapore time, nine hours ahead of AXN’s “Hannibal” Season 3 broadcast premiere at 9.45pm (SG) /10pm (MY, HK) /9pm (BKK, WIB) on the same night. An exclusive lunch screening event was held at Bacchanalia where invited guests enjoyed “lunch with Hannibal” while watching the first episode simulcast at the same time of the US premiere. I was blessed to be invited to the event. As I stepped into Bacchanalia, I was thinking to myself that it was an impressive choice of location. Bacchanalia has a wall painted in red which I find it to be very apt for this private screening of Hannibal. On top of that, the furnishing and decoration of the place eluded a class of its own which matches the theme.
The event started with the invited guests trying to read more about Hannibal and engaged in a fun quiz session. A lucky young guest who managed to get the correct answer has also scored herself with a limited edition Hannibal figurine.
Califlower Gratin

The luncheon started with Califlower Gratin, a creamy soup with deep fried cauliflowers florets, white truffle, cheese foam and gremolata.

Chicken & Cheese

One of my favourite for the luncheon is this dish, chicken and cheese. Despite using chicken breast, the chicken was very tender and moist. Served with reconstructed cheese slice, mountain yam puree, tarragon infused whey and green, this is a real treat for peeps who love cheese.

Tahitian Vanilla Confit Salmon

Tahitian vanilla confit of scottish salmon was served with fennel, orange and black olive salad. For peeps who don’t like raw salmon, might find the salmon a little to “uncooked” for your liking.

Pineapple Tatin

We ended the luncheon with Pineapple Tatin. Not only was this delicious, it was very pretty too. The pineapples were slow cooked in vanilla syrup and served with pistachio & white chocolate crumble, cardamom vanilla ice cream. I like the beautiful touch of adding a dehydrated pineapple slices to this dessert.

Thank you AXN for the lunch invitation to be one of the first in Singapore to catch Hannibal season 3 episode 1 at the same time as the US premiere.“Hannibal” Season 3 will be airing on every Friday at 10pm within 12 hours of the US telecast, first and exclusively on AXN.
In Malaysia, AXN has teamed up with Astro to offer on-demand viewing of the new season, including catch up for “Hannibal” seasons one and two via the Astro-On-The-Go app. For more details, please hop on to their website.
In the Philippines, AXN and SkyCable are also partnering to offer subscribers the opportunity for online catch-up viewing of “Hannibal” Season 3.
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