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Food Review: Teru Sushi at Tiong Bahru

tiong bahru
Alright, this is a super long overdue review from my gathering with my besties at Teru Sushi at Tiong Bahru. So which part of Tiong Bahru? TERU Sushi is actually conveniently located at Link Hotel (opposite Nostaglia Hotel) where there is a bus service from orchard that stops in front of it.

fresh oyster
Oysters ($1 each)
Hiroshima oysters for $1 per piece anyone? I am always quite skeptical about $1 oyster in Singapore as I am worried about the freshness of the oysters. However, the oysters here did not disappoint. Fresh and juicy, definitely worth the effort to go down to Teru Sushi. Can you imagine that 3 girls actually down one and a half dozen of oysters!? lol. This is how much we enjoyed the oysters here.
salmon Sashimi
Shake (Salmon – 5pcs $12)

Salmon sashimi has always been a mandatory dish to order for many in a Japanese restaurant. Unlike many that were served elsewhere, the slices of salmon are thicker. It is good to know that the quality was not compromised. The salmon sashimi is fresh but after eating the oysters, the limelight is all on the $1 Hiroshima oysters.

Shiok Maki ( $20)
If there is one maki that is not to be missed here, the answer is shiok maki. A maki roll made with unagi (eel) and avocado topped with salmon, flying fish roll, special sauce and cheese. Somebody asked me on instagram whether is Koh Sushi better, my answer is both is good in their own way and I am loving both.
garlic fried rice
Garlic Fried Rice ($5)
Garlic fried rice is one of the highlight of the night. It is quite a surprise to find garlic rice with wok hei in a Japanese restaurant. However it was a good surprise that all of us enjoyed. Love how flavourful the rice is that even a non-rice lover like me would be able to polish a bowl by myself. So if you are still having a headache of what to eat, why not try Teru Sushi today? 😉
Teru Sushi
50 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168733
Operating Hours: 12pm – 2:30pm
                             6pm – 10:30pm
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