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Food Review: Ah Pang Steamboat Seafood at Mei Chin Market

Steamboat always has a special place in my heart. It carries the fond memories of family reunion as it is a must have during Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner. One of my favourite steamboat place around my hood is Ah Pang Steamboat Seafood (APSS) located at Mei Chin Market.

Besides having a price tag easy to the pocket, the food served is always more than enough for me to feel full. Unlike many places that served ingredients that are not seasoned, ingredients such as pork, chicken, fish and beef slices are well marinated. My personal favourite is the chicken slices. Great emphasize is also given to the freshness and selection of the simple ingredients. For fishball and fish paste dumpling lovers, you will be delighted to find these items served here are springy aka qq and different from outside. It is good to know that these are freshly made from supplier and contains no preservatives. Thus limited qualities are available.
If steamboat is not your kind of food, Ah Pang Steamboat Seafood (APSS) also serves local Tze Char. Behind the wok is the boss of APSS who has 50 years of experience in Tze Char. From one of the conversation with the staff at APSS, I got to know that they are previously located at the now demolished Margaret Drive Market.

On days when I do not feel like having steamboat, I would always order hor fan. I like how the hor fan is being rendered here. An important factor for me to look out for in a good hor fan is always the wok hei. Without fail, hor fan here always hits bull eyes for the wok hei every time i order this dish. Topped with a thick gruey gravy and generous serving of ingredients, it has never fail to keep my tummy happy. For small eater, a plate of $4 hor fan here is good to share between 2 if you want to order other dishes to share.Another of my most ordered item at APSS is the Har Cheong Gai aka shrimp paste chicken. I have always feel that fresh ingredients made a difference. Besides having a crispy exterior and a well marinated juicy interior, it is  good to know that fresh chicken pieces are used here. =)
So if you are around my hood, do give Ah Pang Steamboat a try and share with me if you have the same sentiment as I do. =)

Ah Pang Steamboat Seafood 
159 Meiling Street, Mei Chin Market #02-21 Singapore 140159
Tel: (65) 6476 8158
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 12noon to 10pm
Closed on Tue & Wed

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