Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

2013 has been a very blessed year for me. Indeed just like what Pastor Prince preached, it is a year with the key of David that opens up doors that no one can close and closes door that nobody can open.

Some of the highlights of 2013 would be the followings :
*Getting to know the lovely peeps from OpenRice that eventually inspired me to started blogging.
*Getting to know fellow bloggers who inspire me further and also let me learn new things through all the sharing sessions.
*Getting blessed by many many lovely peeps which in turn also allowed me to share my blessings through Facebook giveaways and such.
*A switch in career path at the end of the year which injected new life and meaning into my already rather stagnant career.
*Wedding of my bestie
*Best of all, the relationship with my sister improves tremendously.
Seriously I am very thankful to Christ for all the blessings. Without Him, I am really nothing. Thus in 2014, I ask for more of His wisdom to be on me in everything I do. On top of that, I pray for humbleness to be able to see His wisdom and to place me at the right place during the right time. 2014, I am embracing you with open arms especially the tot of travelling to Maldives and swim in the crystal clear water together with nemo & friends simply excites me! Haha.. Happy blessed 2014, peeps!
P.S: anybody know which water villa in maldives is better?

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