Theatre Review: HOSSAN-AH! Safe and Secure in His LEONG Arms

Credit: Sistic

With great anticipation, I have watched Hossan Leong’s new one-man show, Hossan-Ah! Safe & Secure In His Leong Arms by Double Confirm Productions last evening. Oh boy, it is definitely worth every cent of the ticket!

Credit: Sistic

I have actually bought the tickets late last year after seeing a post from Hossan Leong’s instagram account. The tickets are from $22 to $52. Hossan-Ah! is staged at the Drama Centre Theatre from now till 1 February 2015 (Wed ~ Sat, 8pm; Sat~Sun, 4pm).

Before the show starts, you can also enjoy some performance from local band and for last evening, the local band who performed was The  Freshman aka 插班生.

For early birds, there are also Philosophy goodies to be given away at the foyer.
Although this is a one man performance, the show is not Hossan Leong himself. Hossan keeps the crowd entertained with tales of his growing-up years, television shows from the 1970s to 1990s and pays tribute to the musicians that have influenced him. So be prepared to laugh till you drop or at least I did la. J was complaining how irritating my laughter was throughout the whole show.
But well, I am not the only one, apparrently it is so entertaining that someone else feel the same too.

So catch it before it is gone! Make it a family affair (I saw a wide range of  different ages in the audience, from youngsters to the Singapore pioneers) or a date! Tickets can be bought from SISTIC. 🙂

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