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Bento Making Class & Kawaii Bento Book

I have always been fascinated by those beautiful bento pictures that I saw on instagram. Thus when Ian invited me to join him for Shirley‘s special bento making class for the media, I jumped at the opportunity!

Shirley is a fellow blogger whom I know through a food tasting event and many people know her as Little Miss Bento. She is also the first certified Singaporean instructor with the Japan Sushi Instructors’ Association and has won numerous top awards both in Singapore and overseas.

” Kawaii Bento” is Shirley’s baby, a step by step bento making book with simple instructions and pictures. It is currently available at $32 (Before GST) in major bookstores in Singapore as well as in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.

The event was an almost 2 hours affair with ingredients provided for both sharing and individual. At the end of the session, we get to take home a bento handmade by us.
Shirley has been very patient with the class and teaching everybody how to make the bento with every step meticulously explained. You can have a peek of the session on my instagram.
Ta da~~~ This is my meh meh (sheep) with heaps of wool sleeping in the lunchbox. The pinky cheek and the flower are made from the ham, while the eyes, nose and mouth are cut out from a piece of seaweed. Although it is still far from being perfect as compared to Shirley’s bento (first picture on this post), I have great fun learning how to make a bento.
The event is indeed an eye opener for me into the world of bento making. Using simple ingredients, an ordinary lunchbox can be transformed into such a kawaii bento box. In contrast to what I believed previously, bento making isn’t as difficult a. I imagined it to be. It just require a little bit more effort. However, as compared to the smile on the person who receives the bento, the effort is very worthwhile. If people like me who has a pair of clumsy hands can do it, I think this shouldn’t be an issue for many people out there. So do check out the book and start your bento making journey. 😉
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