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The Spiffy Dapper, the edgy, spunky bar with awesome cocktails and delicious meatballs

I have first heard of the Spiffy Dapper aka Dapper Coffee from Sihan, my bar hopping guru, for its awesome cocktails and cold brew coffee. So what’s up with having 2 names at one location (73 Amoy St). By day, 73 Amoy is know as Dapper Coffee, a place where you can enjoy unicorn tears and gold brew with sunlight pouring in gently. By night, with the curtains drawn, 73 Amoy Street turns into a copper cadded place known as The Spiffy Dapper, serving customised cocktails. I was blessed to be invited to one of their first media tastings.

Baked whole camembert ($16)

Interesting play on the camembert by baking it. Served warm, the camembert is soft, creamy with a slight saltiness and sourness that totally pairs with grape pickles. The grape pickles has a similar taste to that of a prune. As a very bread person, the toasted slices of bread are rather addictive for me. =D

Butter Garlic Shrimp ($15)

I reckon that this would be be a hot favourite for J if she visits Spiffy Dapper. Definitely wins hearts of those garlic lovers with a strong play on the garlic. This is almost flawless for me except for the fact that the prawns were not deveined.

Salmon Ceviche ($16)

Interesting take on the salmon ceviche with thai flavours. It is refreshing, appetizing with hints of spiciness.

Parma Ham & Melon Ribbons ($15)

A classic combination that almost can’t go wrong. Give me a glass of wine please!

Stuffed Squid ($20)

One of the most interesting dish of the night. I am totally sold by the presentation. Squid ink mexican rice stuffed in a squid and served with chipotle aioli brulee.

Spanish Meatballs ($21)

This is one dish that I don’t mind having again and again. 4 giant meatballs on top of a bed of roasted red pepper & sundried tomato sauce and serves with a sprinkle of sesame, spring onions and crispy iberico bits. As many know, I am not very into pork. In fact I am selective with the kind of pork dish that I take. But this is good! No porky pork smell, moist and flavourful. I can easily say that this is one of the best meatballs that I have eaten this year!

It is quite common to walk into a bar and see shelves of spirits, liqueurs and other cocktail-making ingredients lining the bar. But how often do you have really well balanced cocktails that you literally fall in love with. The customised cocktails are available from $24 to $28 per glass. Share your mood or your preferences and be ready to be impressed by the bartenders who play their magic behind the bar.

Whisky Sour
Customised Mocktail
Sihan’s Apple Cinnamon Whisky Sour

Cocktails or mocktails, you name it, you got it! I started with a whisky sour to customised apple cinnamon whisky sour the Sihan’s way. If you like, you can always create a cocktail and name it your name. I have a friend who has a cocktail with a very offensive name at Spiffy Dapper which I shall not mention here.

Spiffy Dapper is not your typical bar by every sense. It’s full of character and even the music here would take you by a surprise. From jazz to retro to oldies, it is never something predictable. Gin lovers rejoice! With a selection of more than 90 varieties of gin, you can be sure to find something that suits your taste. So yes, if you are looking for a night full of surprises, good cocktails and food that is better than the usual bar food affair, check out this place!

The Spiffy Dapper
73 Amoy Street Second Floor Singapore 069892
Reservation: +65 8233 9810
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 5pm till late
Sat & Sun: 6pm till late

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