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Product Review: Jwel Ice Cream

For someone who has sweet tooth, ice cream is one of my favourite choice of dessert after dinner. I remembered when Jwel was just launched into Singapore, I tried it at the supermarket and instantly liked it. Thus I am very excited to try the new flavours that were launched to celebrate its first year in Singapore

The first thing that attracted me is the beautiful packaging with a royal golden crown. The multipack consist 3 sticks of each flavour (The Marquis of Peanut Butter and Her Highness of Honey)

Her Highness of Honey is a velvety ice cream coated with almond-flaked chocolate. I can taste hints of honey in the ice cream.

The Marquis of Peanut Butter is a creamy and nutty ice cream that goes well with the almond coating. It is in fact is my favourite amongst the 3 flavours.

One man’s poison is another man’s meat. I am not a big fan of chocolate orange but my sister is. She enjoyed the ice cream and said it was just as rich and intense, the way she likes it. So do give The Baroness of Chocolate Orange a try and see whether you have my taste or my sister’s taste.

Personally, I like the peanut butter one the most as it has a rich nuttiness that complement very well with the chocolate almond coating. My only regret is that Singapore weather is too hot and the ice cream melt very fast.  T.T
These 3 newly launched flavours are now available at major supermarket, 7-11 outlets and retail stores. The recommended retail price is $2.70 per stick and $10.70 per multipack of 6. Besides the 3 new flavours, there are 5 other flavours to suit your little indulgence (vanilla, tiramisu, double chocolate, caramel and black forest).

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