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Food Review: House of Peranakan Petite @ Tiong Bahru Estate

Tiong bahru estate
Besides Thai food, Peranakan food aka nonya food is a cuisine that I really like. Nonya food is a marriage of Chinese ingredients with Malay herbs, spices and cooking techniques. Peranakan cuisine was born when the early Straits Chinese migrants married Malay wives. But to me, it is like an early form of successful fusion food :p 

Ngoh Hiang
We started the tasting with a blast with the homemade Ngoh Hiang ($12). Perfectly wrapped minced pork fillings inside the beancurb skin. It is then deep fried to golden brown. I like how juicy and flavourful the fillings are and the addition of diced water chestnuts give it a beautiful textural bite. *Mega love love*
Pork belly bun

Named after its 75 years old owner who refused to retire, Bob’s pork bun ($10 for 2 buns) is another hot favourite at the table. The pork belly is so soft and tender that it melts in the mouth. Quite a perfect combo to go with the soft white bun. Something that I don’t mind having it on its own.

Ayam Buah Keluak

If there is one dish that you must die die order, this is it – Ayam Buah Keluak ($18). It is a tedious and labour intensive preparation process for this dish, from the rempah to the buah Keluak black nut to cooking it!  As some may have known, buah Keluak is poisonous. To eat it without any preparation is as good as killing yourself in a gas chamber that the Nazi used in World War II. Sorry for digressing…but you get my point?? Anyway the buah Keluak was scrubbed and soaked for at least 2 days before its flesh was dug out, mixed with spices and stuffed back into the nut. It is then cooked with chicken and rempah. It has this very unique and robust flavour which is simply perfect to go with rice. With the tamarind juice added, it is appetizing. *yumz*


Curry Crayfish

Curry Crayfish ($24) is a Peranakan inspired dish which tastes better than it looks. The crayfish is sautéed in curry gravy and topped with cabbage and an over easy egg. The salted fish in the curry gravy also gives it an awesome umami taste! Fresh crayfish with such a power packed gravy, what else can you ask for?

Using the unique Seah family recipe, the owner used the lemak rempah gravy to cook fresh juicy Japanese scallops. Although the Scallop Lemak ($28) is something richer, it was devoured by the group of us within minutes!
Seriously I can’t live my life without any desserts. I was elated that we were served so many kinds of desserts! The durian chendol ($8.50) is a modern twist of the traditional chendol. Instead of shaved ice, coconut ice cream is served and topped with durian purée, gula Melaka, homemade chendol strips (the green strips) and other toppings. The gula Melaka sago pudding with coconut ice cream ($6.50) is a pandan infused sago pudding served with coconut ice cream and salted gula Melaka to tease your palate. These desserts are definitely a great way to end a good peranakan meal.
House of Peranakan Petite is like a peranankan dessert paradise. if you like something hot and comforting, there is Pulut Hitam. For peeps who enjoys the burst of gula melaka in your mouth, there is Tapioca Balls. Recently they have also launched a new dessert which is very refreshing and interesting – Cempedak Ball Soursop Gelato ($7.50). This is something really unique but I was too busy enjoying the dessert that I forgot to take a photo of it. =(
tiong bahru estate
This latest dining addition to the Tiong Bahru enclave is definitely a breath of fresh air as compared to the hipster cafes around. No complains of the cafes cos I love my brunches but good peranakan food is hard to come by. Besides enjoying the great food served, you can also soak yourself in the rich peranakan culture in the restaurant. Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone, I feasted with both my mouth and eyes. =)
From now till end of June 2015, simply quote “PETITISGOOD” to enjoy 10% discount off the total bill. Good things must share, don’t say I bo jio hor. =P
House of Peranakan Petite
42 Eng Hoon Street Tiong Bahru Estate Singapore 169785
Operating Hours: Wed-Mon (Closed on Tue) 12pm to 3pm; 6pm to 10pm
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