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Ever encounter facials and slimming treatments that cost a bomb and you have to sign package to get good deals? I hereby introduce you the Go60 where you don’t need to sign any form of commitment and no hidden cost or whatsoever but still be able to enjoy facials and/or slimming treatment services at just SGD$60 nett!! Meaning to say you get to enjoy 1 minute of pampering at just SGD$1! Value for money lehhh!! haha

Here are the various kinds of treatment services that Go60 provides!
I am especially intrigued by the GO Bye Bye Panda Eyes facial treatment as I’ve got really serious dark eye circle problem which doesn’t go away even with ample amount of sleep.
However, today I will be introducing you guys the new Most Advanced Hydrating Facial Treatment from Go60 which includes a Seven-step Spanish Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage technique on top of all the other moisturizing goodness from the MU Essential Treatment Series!!
The MU Essential Treatment Series follows a daily routine that includes: Essential cleanse, Enzyme Peel, Essential toning lotion spray, Essential serum, customized mask, as well as an essential moisturizer & UV defence mist spray.
Before I start talking about MLD massage, do you know what is our lymphatic system about? 🙂
The first thing you need to know is Lymph. Lymph is a fluid in our body that contains white blood cells which play a vital role in our immune system.
It is being transported on Lymph vessels (which are similar to our body blood veins) throughout our body and these Lymph Vessels are connected to lymph nodes where they serve as filters for the Lymph to get rid of all the toxins, body waste and other unwanted materials in our body. This entire process is called the lymphatic system.
But sometimes, what if our lymphatic system flows too slowly?? Toxins will get stuck in our body lohh!
  This is where the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique comes into the picture haha. It is a very different form of massage that I’ve seen before whereby it utilizes rhythmic, light, as well as very precise hand movements, pressures and sequences to influence our body’s lymphatic flow’s direction and speed. Lots of experiences and skills are required in order to carry out this massage effectively.
Trainer from Go60 was at the event specially to demonstrate and share with us about the MLD Massage.
So what are the benefits of the MLD Massage?
1) Removes Toxins and Keeps Our Body Cells Healthy
By massaging using the MLD massage technique, it helps to boost our body’s lymph system in the delivery of nutrients to our body cells and at the same time carry away all the cellular waste and toxins more efficiently.
2) Reduces Facial Puffiness
Through the massage, you’ll get to relax your body as well which in turns alleviates fatigue and thereby helps in reducing facial puffiness. The massage is also capable of reducing other types of swelling due to surgeries, injury recoveries and etc.
3) Anti-aging
The massage is able to energize the skin, tissue and nerves to give you a young looking complexion and at the same time relieving stress in your body which can make you feel younger too!!
I had the opportunity to try the massage for a short while and omg man, it’s seriously very shiok (relaxing) hahaha. Felt like sleeping after a few minutes into the massage 😀
Raw, organic cold-pressed juices from Antidote and kawaii cupcakes were served at the event as well, bringing much real nutrition and cuteness at the same time hehe
That’s the end to this post! Be sure to give your body some rejuvenation through the MLD Massage and thank you Hannah for the invite 🙂
80 Bras Basah Rd
Explanade Exchange #B1-24
Singapore 189562
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