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12 new creations @ STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar

Food hunting has been an unanimous national hobby for Singaporeans. With a new executive chef, Chef Kay Lee Hou Keong, joining STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar, a new menu will be launched on 1st August. An array of more than 50 gastronomic delights with price tag friendly to the pocket will be featured. Check out some of the items that I have tried!

Snow Crab Salad ($9.90)
Topped with snow crab, ikura (Salmon Roe) and a refreshing dressing, this is definitely a delight for both salad lovers and non-salad peeps.
Land and Sea Shell Salad with Spicy Cincalok ($9.90)
For peeps who likes cincalok, do give this a try. Californian manila clams, top shells and escargots are served with spicy cincalok dressing. The citrusy and spicy flavours will wake your palette to more dishes to savour.
Fisherman’s Soup ($8.90)
One of my all time comfort food is a hot bowl of soup. Enjoy a bowl of tangy hot tomato based soup with generous serving of seafood. Best for both rainy days and a good way to sart an awesome meal.
Otah by the Bay ($8.90)

Seafood lovers can check out Otah by the Bay which is served with manila clams, giant octopus, hokkaido scallops and coral garoupa.

Bay’s Spring Chicken ($14.90)

One of my favourite of the night is Bay’s Spring Chicken. The spring chicken was perfectly deep fried and well marinated. Even the chicken breast meat was moist, juicy and tender. I like how the thin and crispy turmeric spice batter gives the chicken an extra oomph.  Served with coleslaw salad and sweet potato fries, this is definitely value for money!

Satay Unskewered ($19.90)
Another highlight of the night is this Satay un-skewered! Well marinated Australian Lamb chop served with peanut sauce, ketupat (rice cake) and some condiments commonly found with satay. Most people avoid eating lamb for its gaminess. But the lamb chop was so well marinated that there was almost no gaminess at all.
Satay Bay-hoon ($14.90)

Nothing feels better than to sit in an air conditioned area, away from the erratic Singapore weather and enjoy this dish. The rice vermicelli is served with cuttlefish, octopus, californian manila clams, kang kong, tau pok, quail egg, skewered chicken and satay sauce.

Sambal Saba ($16.90)

For peeps who enjoy some spiciness in your food, check out their Sambal Saba fish! An interesting twist from the usual Saba fish! Petai was spotted in the asian salad served by the side. I was impressed with the sambal onion chutney which has the heat that really elevated the whole dish.

Veal Cheek Rendang ($19.90)

With more than 8 hours of braising, the veal cheek is soft, tender and almost melt in the mouth. Topped with full-flavoured Rendang sauce, this dish is good on its own or best to go with some rice or naan!

Garoupa Popiah ($18.90)

We have all tried popiah in different variety but how about Garoupa Popiah? Be prepared to be surprised. Succulent garoupa encased in crispy filo pastry and served with italian tomatoes.

Bubur Cha Cha Creme Brulee ($9.90)

As what I always say, never end a meal without dessert. The east meets the west at STREET 50 with Bubur Cha Cha Creme Brulee. Smooth coconut pandan creme brulee is topped with braised yam, sweet potato, pumpkin and japanese blue potato.

Durian Pengat ($8.90)

Riding on the durian season, durian pengat is served with pandan jelly and drizzled with gula melaka.

If you are still not sure when is a good time to visit STREET 50, it is good to know that the restaurant is opened from 6am to 4am! Now you know where to go for your supper liao. Dun say I bo jio!

Exclusive for my readers, for every 3 mains ordered in a group of 4 guests or more, you can redeem this Bay’s spring chicken for FREE. Cheers to SG50!
STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar
50 Telok Blangah Road Bay Hotel
Tel: (65) 6818 6681
Operating Hours: 6am to 4am Daily
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