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Covid 19 has changed the way we live our lives. With most of the time wearing mask, half the time I skip wearing any makeup unless it is necessary. Hence, I am very glad that I have done my eyeliner embroidery at La vida @ The Rail Mall just before the circuit breaker. I KID YOU NOT, it is one of the best decision that I have made this year. Here is why I said so.
la Vida-19
First thing first, I was too lazy to put on any makeup during circuit breaker. The idea of putting on makeup for a zoom meeting and removing them right after just made me feel that it is way too troublesome. So I was glad that I got my eyeliner embroidery done. The eyeliner embroidery instantly opened up my eyes and made me looked so fresh. Needless to say, getting ready for my zoom meeting took me less than 5 minutes with no makeup yet still doesn’t look too bad.
la Vida-15
With most of our time wearing masks as part of the preventive measures, I prefer to let my skin breath as much as I can without putting on any makeup. So with eyeliner embroidery, my eyes are being highlighted and it brings more life to my eyes and made them look fuller and bolder. So I don’t look terrible even without any makeup on. Of cos, that also include not having the need to remove makeup! Save money! yay!
la Vida
I am sure by now, you will be having some burning questions on my entire eyeliner embroidery experience. Like most beauty salons, you will need to fill up digital form with your particular before the start of any treatment.
la Vida-2
Then, I was brought into a room where the equipment is where I will go through a consultation of the type of eyeliner that I am looking at before the application of the numbing cream. It is also good to know that the device is actually from Germany and La vida @ The Rail Mall uses single use, disposable micro-needles as well as high quality colours to ensure that the embroidery will not fade into ugly green or weird reddish pigments.
la Vida-5
After the consultation,numbing cream was applied on the lash line and I waited until the numbing effect kick in before we start (around 15 minutes) the procedure. This is to minimise any discomfort.
la Vida-10
la Vida-12
The whole process took about 1 hours. To be honest, I do not experience any discomfort till the anesthetics cream wear off. However, as soon as I mentioned that I was feeling a slight discomfort, the eyeliner embroidery artist would help me to apply more numbing cream before she continue to contour my lash line.
la Vida-3
la Vida-16
The above are a before and a picture of me halfway through the eyeliner embroidery. The difference of the before and after is really obvious. I looked so much more fresh looking with eyes looking wider and prettier.
la Vida-19
Although looked relatively dark after it was done. The pigments will fade to a lighter and more natural tone after 1 to 2 weeks. Depending on individual, one might need to go for a touch up after 5 to 6 months for it to last longer. Good news is La Vida treatment comes with a complimentary session of touch-up, just in case you need it! Averagely, the eyeliner embroidery will last up to 2 to 3 years.
la Vida-23
This is me without any makeup the day after the treatment. I have heard of swollen eyes and such but all was well. I have very minimal swelling and is able to drive around the next day.
la Vida-25
There is no regret to get my eyeliner embroidery done as it is very time saving. Nowadays, I am able to get out of the house within 5 minutes of preparation. Yes, without any makeup and it is kinda liberating while I still enjoy the same kind of confidence boast even without putting anything on my face.
la Vida-24
Good news for my readers, quote Hannah1400 to get La Vida’s nanofine™ Stardust Eyeliner at $1400 instead of $2800, excusively at The Rail Mall. To make a booking, WhatsApp or message 87976271.

Donna Spa @ The Rail Mall
The Rail Mall 460 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 678074
Tel: +65 6235 5162


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