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AsterSpring Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy Facial

I love facial and it is a must for me to go for one every month. I believe that monthly facial help me to improve skin renewal, maintain a clearer skin and to delay aging with the intensive hydration for ultra dry skin. Sad but true, our skin will degenerate faster and faster as we age. The loss of elastin and collagen made our skin saggy and dry with fine lines and wrinkles appearing. Hence, a good facial is very important. Recently, I have went to AsterSpring to try the NEW Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy Facial. This facial treatment uses an anti-ageing plant stem cell technology which is suppose to help us to achieve a more hydrated and youthful skin and I am going to share with you whether it is really that good.
Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy
After filling up my personal details, I was brought to the changing area where I changed into a more comfortable outfit and kept my stuff in one of the locker provided
Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy
Just like any facial, my face was double cleansed to remove any traces of makeup, dirt and impurities before the therapist reviewed my skin to see whether the treatment is the best and most suitable treatment for my current skin condition before we proceed with the facial.
Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy
After that, a fruit enzyme was applied onto my skin to soften and prep the skin for extraction. As my skin is more sensitive so it was left on for 5 mins before a steamer was placed above my face to further soften the skin and open the pores for extraction. One unique technique that the therapists at AsterSpring are trained to do is that they do extraction without using the extractor. What I really like about the whole extraction is that it was not painful and it was done so gentle that I was halfway to my lala land.
Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy
After the extraction, it was the application of 2 unique Restorative Solution Plant-derived unique Restorative Solution Plant-derived Stem Cell serum and concentrate that was coupled with an ultrasonic Local Dynamic Micro (LDM) device that combine thermal, biochemical and mechanical effects in one operation to aid in deeper penetration of the products. The treatment also help to tighten the skin and further delay skin aging skin process. In order to see the result, the therapist did the application on the right side of my face and I was so shocked to find that my right side was so much more lifted and defined. The face was also more V and hydrated. I kid you not, it really works! Best of all, the LDM device is also safe for pregnant woman to use it.
Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy
Then it was mask time. The NEW Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy Facial consists of 2 masks, a phyto Stemcell modelling mask a lightweight gel-like mask and a botanical cooling mask that was applied over a thin facial gauze. This was me right after the facial. As you can see, the skin was really brighten and it look so much more radiant.
Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy
As the Stem Cell serum and concentrate contain 2 key ingredients, the Argan tree stem cells stimulate cell renewal, boost collagen and elastin production, the White Horehound stem cells, an antioxidant which is 2 times more powerful vitamin C, activate dormant skin cells and facilitate skin detoxification process. Hence, this is a very good facial treatment for those who are looking at improving the collagen growth in the skin, skin rejuvenation, intensive hydration as well as firming.
Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy
Overall, it was a very relaxing and good facial with what were promised, delivered. I also enjoy the gentle yet soothing facial massage that my therapist, Catherine, include during the facial. It is so easy for me to drift into a short nap with that relaxing instrumental slow music at the background and wake up to a better skin. I like it that the outlet at Centrepoint has a vanity corner where I can use the hair dryer to style my hair before after the facial treatment.
Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy
The NEW Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy is suitable for all skin types and conditions except Hyper-sensitive skin and inflamed acne skin conditions. The best part is that there is also no pain or downtime, daily activities can be resumed immediately after the treatment. Yes, very minimal redness. As you can see from the above picture of me without makeup immediately after the facial, my skin are glowing! Seriously can’t wait to go back for another self pampering session. It is available at all AsterSpring centres for $380 and the duration of the facial treatment is about 51 minutes. As I always say, self love is the most important love. If you don’t love yourselves, how are you going to love somebody else. So don’t forget to book your appointment to try the Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy soon especially if you have concerns on sagging skin, droopy eyelids, double chin, and deep nasal line, fine lines and wrinkles, dry & dehydrated skin or dull skin and uneven skin tone. There are 12 AsterSpring outlets islandwide, let’s be pretty together!!!


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