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Garden Picks, a healthier way to snack

nuts and dried fruits
To be frank, I am not someone who likes to snack on tidbits. I hardly snack but if I do, I will try to choose something more healthy such as nuts or dried fruits. After all if we want extra calories, might as well get something that is more nutritious and healthy, right?
Recently, I was introduced Garden Picks, an snack supplier with a production factory based in Singapore. Besides nuts and dried fruits, they also supply rice crisps, pretzels and soy crisps.

Soya crisps
soya crisps
For the snack food, I have tried the Honey Mustard Soya Crisps and Sweet Chilli Lime Soya Crisps. They are both made from Australian home grown soy beans and is GM-free! If you like something with a little bit of spiciness, acidity and sweetness, then get the Sweet Chilli Lime Soya Crisps.
If you like the flavour of honey mustard, do try the Honey Mustard Soya Crisps. This is one of my favourite! I like how the little pungency at the nose with a sweet crispy finish.  I feel that both are good to go with beer. hahaha
Goumet flavoured nuts
Many people avoid nuts because they think that nuts are fattening. The good news is that they actually help you lose weight! There are 2 type of nuts to choose from, either the gourmet flavoured nuts or the usual baked/ salted nuts. Under the gourmet flavoured nuts, there are interesting flavours such as Salted Caramel Peanuts, Tiramisu Almond, Mexican Salsa Cashew..etc I tried the Mexican Salsa Cashew which is infused with Jalapeno salsa. It has an interesting taste of italian herbs and is a little bit spicy.
healthy breakfast
The pine nuts and baked almond taste fresh and I like the fact that they are unsalted. Usually I will mix them with yogurt and add some dried cranberries for nutrients packed healthy breakfast. 🙂
dried apricot, mango & cranberry

Some fruits carry more benefits when they are dried. Dried apricot is one of such. I like how the dried fruits are not too sweet and they are such a darling to have for breakfast. They are also good replacements for dessert when I am craving for something sweet. My personal fav is the dried Philippines Mango! who can resist the king of mango, right?

So if you are like me, health conscious yet looking for a cheat to snack or have something sweet, do give Garden Picks a try. The ordering is made easy with 3 options. You can either order it online or email them with the order form or you can just call them. There is free delivery for purchase of $50 and above. As they also supply to offices, restaurant chains, hotels and retailers across Singapore, you can be assure of the freshness of the products. High turnover = optimal freshness, right? Good news is that they are having 3 for $10 all year promotion so I suggest that you can gather a few friends or colleagues to order together to save on the delivery. 🙂

Garden Picks Food Manufacturing 
8A Admiralty Street #06-05 FoodXChange@Admiralty, Singapore 757437
Tel: (65) 6659 4859

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