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Food Review: Noodle Cafe @ Sim Lim Square

There is something about Thai cuisine that always has a place in my heart. I like how the flavours, texture and colours come together and create an unique harmonious party in the mouth. One of the Thai street food that is very popular with Singaporeans is the Thai boat noodle, Thai style noodle in tasting portion. Bet everybody knows where to go in Bangkok for the Thai boat noodles but what about in Singapore?

A little bit of background for Noodle Cafe. It is a partnership between a Singaporean and a Thai. As some may have heard, one of the partner is the relative of the famous Thai Boat Noodles in Bangkok. So recipes for the soup broths are being passed down and now we can have authentic Thai boat noodles in Singapore! How cool is that!

Besides Thai boat noodles, Noodle Cafe also serve braised duck, beef, pork and pork leg. We tried the braised beef, pork and pork leg. Surprisingly, they are really well cooked and flavourful. Reminded me so much of the pork leg rice that I had on the Bangkok streets.  However, the braised duck was out of stock the afternoon we went so we didn’t get to try them. I have since made a mental note to go back and try it as I heard really good reviews about it.

Are you one of those people who likes to customize your food? If you are, good news for you as you can customize your boat noodle in 5 simple steps. Choose from beef or pork toppings to the size desired (big – $5; small –  $1.90) to the kind of noodle you like (bee hoon, Kuay tiao, glass noodle, tung hoon and meekia) to the type of soup (special, clear, Tom yum or dry noodles) to the level of spicness (non-spicy, less spicy, normal spicy or extra spicy). I am quite sure that there is something for you unless you are ultra picky and don’t eat pork or beef. Can you imagine how many permutations are there with so many choices available?

It is good to know that most of the ingredients are imported from Thailand. That’s one of the reason for the authentic taste. The noodles are more springy as compared to the local noodle and the broth are more flavourful. Overall, Noodle Cafe serve decent authentic thai boat noodles and delicious braised meat. The only con is the weather in Singapore is too hot at times so I would suggest going there during evening time or on cooler days.

P.S: It is located at the side of Sim Lim Square facing Rochor Canal Road. There are 2 branches and the one I went is the newer outlet at Sim Lim.

Noodle Cafe 

Golden Mile Complex – 5001 Beach Road #B1-08 Singapore 199588
Sim Lim Square – 1 Rochor Canal Road #01-06 Singapore 188504
Tel: (65) 8666 6675
Operating Hours: Mon ~ Sun 11.30am to 9pm

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