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Food Review: Peranakan Reunion Prosperity at INDOCAFE – the white house

Happy Chinese New Year peeps, I hope that you have a fantastic time going to house visiting and winning money through the little wealth transferring games. For people who are still cracking your head over where to have some yummilious Chinese New Year cuisine, I have a great place to recommend. INDOCAFE the white house has launched their first ever Peranankan Chinese Reunion menu. The ten course Magnificent Harvest of Abundance & Fortune Reunion menu is available from 18th Jan 2014 to 18 Feb 2014.
Nestled amidst of the greenery of Scott road, away from the bustle and hustle of Orchard road is where the charming House of INDOCAFE the white house is located. 

The interior of the building is a spacious room with parquet wood floor and dark wood tables against rattan chairs offering a good old colonial setting together with Straits-Peranankan style.

Flourishing Brilliance Yu Sheng
Beside the tradictional sauces, a special aromatic spice sauce is added to the yu sheng which gives it a twist of a subtle curry flavour. Beside the succulent selection of Mekajiki, Salmon and Tuna, I like the idea of having deep fried fish skin in the yu sheng which give the yu sheng a crunchy taste and compliment the sashimi so well that you will tuck in for more!
Treasures of the Sea Platter
Personally I love the beautiful presentation of this sea platter. It is really eye pleasing and palette enlightening. Tuck in to a luxurious version of the kueh pai tee with scallop and fish roe. Personally I like the kueh pai tee a lot as the pai tee cups are homemade and is very crispy. On top of that, the sweetness from the scallop simply made it a very delightful dish to have. The King Crab with Emping Cracker is a rather interesting surprising combo as the bitterness of the cracker compliment with the natural sweetness of the king crab. Thumb up! Last but not least, we have silken Bibik Jellyfish Salad with Abalone served in an Abalone Shell. 
Glorious Fortune Consommé

Served in individual serving, i love the rich broth made with oyster and sea moss, fresh wong bok greens and premium Kurobuta pork ribs. This is definitely a good soup that warm your soul. 

Harvest of Immense Opulence
The Kurobuta pork belly meat was beautifully marinated in a fermented bean paste that even for somebody who don’t really fancy porky pig can’t help but to have a second serving. The meat was really tender and flavourful without a porky pig smell. Lovely!
Bouquet of Content & Bliss
The most irritating part of eating prawns is the trouble to shell the prawns but for this dish, the shells were removed except for the head and the tail of the prawns. Thus leaving the jumbo prawns beautifully drenched with the mouth-watering aromatic spices!
Pinnacle of Success

If you like juicy, tender chicken marinated with tantalizing masala spice. This is the dish for you. Ask for some of their sambal belacan chilli to go with the crackers and be prepared to be blown away!

Abundance of Boundless Triumph

There is a choice of having the steamed red garoupa in spicy (Nonya Spices) or non spicy (Dao Cheong infused) way.  For us, we chose the spicy way. The red garoupa is beautifully cooked to perfection. However, personally I find that the gravy is not spicy enough.

Ushering Wealth & Good Fortune
This is a mild-flavoured dish of sea cucumber, abalone, mushroom and braised wong bok. I like the way the sea cucumber is cooked to perfection and every mouthful of it just brings delight to me because of its anti-ageing and health benefits!
Bountiful Ocean Treasures
Do not be deter by the colour of this dish. The nutty fragrant keluak fried rice is definitely a must-order if I am going to this restaurant again. It’s very flavourful and generous with the lavish ingredients of prawn, dry scallop and crab meat. This is definitely one dish that I don’t mind jogging a few more round to have more of it!
Everlasting Peace & Harmony

There is always space for dessert. After having 9 auspicious dishes, we ended the meal with red bean paste glutinious rice ball with ginger soup. However personally I think the dessert would fare better with lesser glutinious flour and less sweet for the ginger soup.

The ten course Chinese New Year menu cost only $368 (4 persons), $478 (6 persons) and $688 (8 persons). Do note that prices are subjected to 10% service charge & prevailing government taxes. On top of that, they are closed from 2nd feb to 4 feb 2014.  Do give it a try if you have not have any idea of where to have some fantastic Chinese New Year food with your family and friends.
I think I am quite blessed when Derrick  extended the invite to me for this food tasting together Esmund  and Charleen. I can seriously sense their enthusiasm in blogging as well as how much pride they took to make sure every photo is of a certain quality to be published on their blog. As a relatively new blogger, I think I gained a lot through this food tasting. Once again, I would like to thank Derrick for the invite and Rosa and Nicole for hosting us.
INDOCAFE The White House
35 Scotts Road, Singapore 228227
Tel: (65) 6733 2656
Fax: (65) 6733 2703
Facebook Page
Operating Hours: 12pm – 3pm / 6pm – 10.30pm Daily

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