10 types of irritating commuters found in Singapore

After starting work with regular hours, I have been sharing the woes of  fellow commuters. Beside rushing to work in a sardine packed transport, there are also people who made the ride seems even worse. After 2 months, I figured out there are 10 different types of commuters which we all of us hate. The followings are the types of stupid irritating commuters that I often meet. 

1* The “Scare-of-ghost” Commuters
Everyday I travel to work via MRT / Bus and there is always something that I don’t quite understand. Why is the middle of the train cabin or the middle of the bus always so spacious? Thus I concluded that these people who refused to move into the middle of the transport vehicles are scare of ghost and there must be some invisible force there that I can’t see but they can. If not why is it that fellow commuters need to squeeze hard to get into the transport while the middle of the transport is still so spacious? Personally I think it’s still ok if you can get into the public transport. Many a times, I ended up looking at the spacious space wondering why nobody is moving in while I look at the MRT / bus move away without me.

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2* The Dancer Commuters
I think once in a while fellow commuters do met this group of people. The dancer commuters have this natural dancing talent that can’t help but to flow out of them everywhere they go. Few days back, S met one of this type of commuter. The dancer was happily dancing cha cha in the train even when the train was already very crowded. On top of that, fellow commuters, i warn you to keep out the way this group of people. Be mindful not to be in their way or you will suffer from their dancing elephant leg stepping onto your foot without any apology but with a dagger stare that will almost kill you on the spot.

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3* The Buat BodohCommuters

Buat Bodoh literally means feign ignorance in Malay. Ok let’s us practice with a little bit of understanding and empathy here. The first time i went Taiwan, I am totally impressed with the queue system there. People queue before they enter the train and they allow the commuters to exit from the train before they enter. Years later, I was elated when I started to see the queue forming in Raffles place, city hall and many other MRT stations.Personally I feel it’s very good as this is more systematic. However, there will definitely be a monkey or two who will buat bodoh and “forget” the queue exist! Thank you, I know you are rushing to somewhere but everybody else is also traveling to somewhere! DUH! Please queue! If Singaporeans can queue for 4D, TOTO and food, why not for a better and more systematic traveling experience? Personally I have had (I am keeping my fingers crossed as I hope it will not happen again!) experience people jumping queue and when I told him about the queue, I was even scolded by him. However I assure you what I experienced only happened once in a blue moon, others will usually follow the queue upon telling them gently.

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4* The I-love-to-share Commuters
Based on personally experience, this is something that happened irregardless of race, age and nationality. These group of commuters seriously have deep passion on what is playing on their electronic devices. Some love to turn the volume to the maximum while with their headphone/ earpiece on and people around them could share their form of entertainment while travelling.The others must have realised that the train is too quiet and thus decided to put a stop to this overwhelming silent by busting their music so that the whole cabin could perhaps dance with them? Either way don’t work for me and i find it rather irritating and disturbing. Thanks but no thanks!

Photo Credit to Alan Chow

5* The “very-tired “ Commuters
Personally I find that priority seats on the trains are just a way to remind us to give up our seats when we see somebody who needed it more than us. I am referring to the pregnant ladies and elderly as the ones who needed the seats more. More than often, I see that the very-tired commuters sat down and “fell asleep” once the priority seats group of people appeared in the train. Hello, even if the seat is not labeled as priority seats, you can also give up your seat, right? Thus I concluded that this group of people must be very tired and the very moment the priority seat group appear, it acted as a sensor for them to fall asleep.

6* The “very-busy” Commuters
With the advancement of technology, we can now surf and do a lot of things with our handphones smartphones. And thus give birth to the very busy commuters. I am also guilty of playing with my handphone while traveling. However shouldn’t we also keep a look out for people who needs the seat more than us while we are sitting down. The very busy commuters are people who I think must be really busy with what they are doing with their handphone thus failing to notice their surrounding throughout most of their journey. My bestie, Kris, who is 14 weeks away from her delivery told me that she rarely get a seat given up to her while she was traveling in public transport. Hello people, show some graciousness lah.

Photo Credit : theguardian.com  

7* The Tree Commuters
This group of commuters has strong sense of  belonging and this character of their inevitably follow them into their commuting habit. Once they found a spot to stand in the train or the bus, it seems like their feet are rooted to the ground. No matter how many “excuse me”, how much they are blocking the way of other commuters, they will NOT move. Forgive them people, their feet have already been deeply rooted to the very spot that they are standing till their destination is reached.

8*The “things-need-the seat-more” Commuters
Personally I have met these type of people several times but most of the time during off peak hours. Apparently just like the lady in the video, they value their belongings and such very much. Thus not only do they want to sit down, they prefer to let their belongings take the seat instead of letting other commuters have the seat. -.-!
Photo Credit : Yahoo
9* The “made-my-money-stretched” Commuters
I strongly believe that this group of people must be really earning money with their blood and sweat. Thus they developed the mentally that they must stretch their money to make everything work for the best for them. But hello, everybody is paying the same amount of transport fee, be kind and do not have the illusion that you have such a big butt that you required 2 seats! It’s not as if you are paying more or your body size seriously required you to take up 2 seats at a time.

10* The “No-time-for-personal-hygiene” Commuters

Living in a first world country is definitely not easy, everybody got to rush here and there and time is really limited. Perhaps many of us feel that 24 hours is not even enough. But do you really need to cut your nails in the train? Of cos, many can argue that just cutting of nails, not as if I walk into the train stinking like a pig, dig my nose, floss my teeth or talk as if I am in a concert. However I feel that if you want to save time to do things that are pertaining to your personal hygiene, do it behind closed door lah e.g while you are shitting? Not everybody enjoy the sight of you grooming yourself, right?

Anyway it’s Monday today and 4 days to the end of the year of snake. Smile peeps cos life is always better when you greet it with a smile. Have a blessed year of the Horse ahead. Let us gallop into the year of the horse with abundance of blessings and prosperity! And of cos let’s show more graciousness, kindness and be more considerate while traveling on a public transport. 
P.S: Although I have listed down some examples of ugly commuters, generally traveling in Singapore via public transport is still a breeze as NOT all Singaporeans are ugly, inconsiderate, unkind and nasty.
Perspectives in this blog are based on personal viewpoints and any resemblance to persons/events/etc is purely coincidental.

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