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FatCat Ice Cream Bar’s revamped Menu

Since the opening of FatCat, it has been impressing everyone with their Instagram worthy and innovative desserts. Last Sat, along with some social media friends, we were invited to FatCat for a media preview on their revamped menu! I was excited and I am sure you are too!

Lime Mojito ($4.50 each)
Lime Mojito is no stranger for anyone who is active on Instagram. This is like one of the most popular dish to order, shot and post on social media. Like what many have said, pretty to look at and gone in seconds. Well, I seriously don’t mind having these. A tad pricey but for the presentation, techniques and skills used to create this, ok lah. Worth giving it a try. Afterall, there aren’t many who did reverse spherification as well as Fatcat, isn’t it?
Reverse Smore ($10)
Brilliant play on the torched marshmallows with caramelised banana ice cream sitting on top of a crispy chocolate crumb base. If only that I do not detest banana as much, this might sit well for me. Well, at least it is not overwhelmingly sweet. My fellow social media friends seem to like this quite a lot. =)
Strawberry Shortcake ($12)
Strawberry shortcake in the deconstructed way reminded me of the desserts at 2am dessert bar. Pretty to look at and a twist from the norm.
Kyoho Dream ($18)

FatCat has up the game for plated dessert with a 3 course Kyoho grapes plated desserts. For the part 1 aka Pre, we had mini wine grapes sphere with purple shiso cress. While I like the burst of wine grapes in my mouth, I would prefer a lighter hand on the usage of salt. Main is grape tartare with shiso, lime, salt, grapefruit campari sorbet. Oh ya, if you are wondering whether the greenish thin thingy sticking in the whip cream is edible, it is actually sea asparagus aka salicornia. It is actually edible. I like how light the whip cream was and overall components on this plate were rather cohesive. Refreshing grapefruit campari sorbet, I will be back for you soon.

Butter Beer ($14)

Inspired by Harry Potter novels, could this butter beer be just how Harry likes it? Available only during the Halloween period to bring you back to Hogsmeade Village. Sweet butterscotch foamy top with fizzy cold Hoegaarden beer, a rather acquired taste I guess. For me, I still prefer my craft beer more. Give me beer from evil twin brewing any time! =D

Lychee Martini ($16)

If there is a plated dessert that intrigued me totally, this is the one. A pinkish white chocolate dome filled with cherry yogurt and litchi mousse sitting on lemon granita. It is then garnished with drizzle of charcoal white chocolate, purple shiso and elible flowers. The magical moment is the after effect of having this dessert that leaves you with a  “popping” effect inside your head for several seconds. Not sure about you but the experience was rather intriguing for me.

Chocolat Jardin ($18)

The last league of the plated desserts was the Chocolat Jardin. For the Pre, we had yogurt bon bon and truffle mochi. I totally in love the presentation of Pre! The beautiful box of roses was instantaneously turned into a magical smoky cauldron when the staff poured some liquid into the box. But the acidity of the tangy yogurt bon bon left me with a punch on my face. Thank God for the Main that saved the day. Chocolate overload with chocolate boulders, chocolate sticks, chocolate crumbles paired with matcha greenery, edible flowers, lemon marshmallows and carrot sorbet (seasonal). When mummy said eat your greens, you can now proudly say you ate the whole garden. =D

Perhaps FatCat has set the bar rather high for innovative desserts (read my previous review) when it first opened. I was not as impressed as the first time I tried FatCat. Just like most tastings, there are hits and misses. At the end of the day, I guess if you go down with an open mind and no expectation, you will enjoy it better. Most of the times, expectation is the joy killer in life. Oh ya, Elvin Ng was at the media tasting as well. He was rather friendly and yes, he was our hand model. hehehe Thank you FatCat and Sophie for the media invite. The revamped menu is launched yesterday with the plated desserts on rotating basis. Do check them out if you are around the vicinity. Afterall, there aren’t many places in Singapore that is as innovative as FatCat. =)

FatCat Ice Cream Bar
Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25 Singapore 460416
Tel: (+65) 6241 0830
Operating Hours: 12pm to 10pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur & Sun
12pm to 11pm Fri & Sat
Closed on Tue

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