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Celebrating SG50 with 3rd phase of SG50 menu & revamped Menu

As many have known, to celebrate SG50, Swensen’s has launched a year long SG50 menu with interesting fusion dishes that changes every month. For the 3rd quarter of the year, the most exciting quarter of the year whereby the celebration for the Nation Day will be held, diners can look forward to exciting dishes happening at Swensens. Not only a new and revamped menu is launched, in the month of August, between 1 to 10 August, there wiill be 2 dishes instead of 1 being featured.

Kicap Manis Glazed Grey Mullet ($15.90)
Kicap Manis Glazed Grey Mullet is created in conjunction with Singapore Restaurant Month which used only local produce. The mullet is lightly seasoned, grilled and served on top of buttered rice with home made garlic kicap manis. Do check it out as it is only available from 1st July to 10th August.
You Had Me at Laksa Penne ($14.90)

Celebrating the month of National’s Day, August, with hearty wholemeal penne tossed with Laksa gravy. I was kinda perplexed with the colour of the pasta till I was told it was wholemeal penne. You had me, Swensen’s! Surprisingly good with generous serving of seafood such as prawns, scallops and mussels. What an awesome way to celebrate the Nation’s birthday without breaking the bank. It is good to know that from 1st to 10th Aug, you can enjoy both Kicap Manis Glazed Grey Mullet and You Had Me at Laksa Penne.

Banana Chicken Makes a Comeback ($14.90)

One of the more popular dish in Swensen’s earlier years, this dish is back by popular demand in the month of September. The banana is wrapped by well seasoned chicken and encased in a golden crispy shell. It is then served with fries, mesclun salad and curry cream sauce. As a non-banana lover, I am surprised by how this seemingly weird combination actually works for me.

Golden Breaded Scallops ($9.80)

Besides the SG50 Menu, diners can also look forward to Swensen’s new and revamped menu. To be frank, I was not expecting this. Instead of serving breaded scallops that are commonly seen in supermarket, I was greeted with lightly battered scallops chucks. Good to be eaten on its own or with some creamy tartar sauce. A good surprise indeed.

Firecracker Soft Shell Shrimps ($8.50)

Meant to be eaten together with the shells, these flavourful crispy shrimps are highly addictive. Mind you, best to be eaten while it is hot!

Slipper Lobster Roll ($17.90)

One can never have too many lobster rolls. Rejoice my friends! Dressed with special honey lime dressing and laid nicely on top of a soft buttery grilled bun, slipper lobster roll is here to stay.

Milo Dinosaur Sundae Dirt Pot ($10.50)

Milo Dinosaur is a common beverage but have you tried Milo Dinosaur sundae? Creamy Milo ice cream is crowned with generous layer of Milo powder in a dirt pot. Mum said always finish your food, I say always finish your dessert. Be prepared to be surprised as you will slowly excavate the milo ice cream and be greeted by a waffle biscuit. The mini shovel also give it an extra touch of gardening feel.

Deconstructed Raspberry Cheesecake Sundae ($11.50)

Served with rashberry cheesecake ice cream, butter biscuit crumbs and blueberry topping in a root beer mug is another alternative that you can have in the revamped menu. Do check out the revamped menu which is available in Swensen’s restaurants islandwide from 1st July onwards. =)

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