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CATO – Say no to Monday Blues

CATO South Bridge RoadAfter having some rest over the weekend, getting back to work with all the workload awaiting is never something that many would be looking forward to. Oh well, so what is the best way to fight Monday blues than to have some quality crafted beer/cocktails for Monday Happy Hours? Located at the double storey conservation building opposite Sri Mariamman Temple, CATO is a restaurant and bar serving modern Asian cuisine with a selection of over 60 craft beers and spirits from around the world. 

CATO South Bridge Road-2One of the highlights for me was the Prawn Bisque with Homemade Cod Fish Ball & Coriander Leaf ($12). Made with a broth using prawns shells and asian herbs, the prawn bisque was packed with umami. My only regret was I finished it too fast before I get a chance to savour it slowly. CATO South Bridge Road-4The Garlic Fries ($8)  was garlicky but was slightly heavy handed with the salt. A mug of beer straight from one of the 14 taps along the 9-metre long bar might just do its magic. CATO South Bridge Road-20Buffalo wings have been one of my favourite bar food to order but CATO ‘s version of buffalo wings got me addicted. CATO Wings In Home Made Chilli Glaze ($15) came with a numbing spiciness slowly crawling in without that tanginess from Tabasco sauce that we often experienced. In the midst of spiciness, there is a hint of sweetness that teased the senses.  CATO South Bridge Road-17According to Pauline, the PR for CATO, Crispy Squid In Thai Style Glaze ($12) is one of the well loved dishes by CATO’s regulars. The crispy golden exterior encased the marinated whole baby squid provides a compelling force with almost zero resistance to reach out for a second serving. However the batter was thicker than I would like it to be, a thinner batter would otherwise make it a perfect snack to go with the vast selection of beers available here. CATO South Bridge Road-6Superfood Açai was paired with Tasmanian salmon here. The Acai Cured Salmon ($18)  was served on Starfruit Ceviche with a light & refreshing Calamansi Crème Fraîche & Açai jelly.  Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, I like how beneficial this dish is for my skin!
CATO South Bridge Road-5Innocent as it looked, the Chicken Noodle Salad ($16) was far more than that. Dapped with ghost chilli, this is a dish with one hell of heat to handle. Interestingly paired with chicken thigh that is smoked with chinese tea and rice, this might be your kind of dish for any spicy food lovers out there. =)CATO South Bridge Road-22Aunty Jasmine’s Fish Curry was like an elavated version of homecook goodness. The indian style curry was made with Aunty Jasmine’s (co-owner’s family member) secret recipe, a blend of homemade spices and cooked Ling Fish, Okra, Eggplant & Tomatoes, garnished with fried Onions. My fellow dining partners enjoyed the curry sauce but we  found the ling fish a tad drier that we would like it to be. Perhaps a change of the choice of fish with higher fats content would make it a more delightful dish to have.  CATO South Bridge Road-29As we unwrapped the “Fata” cooking foil, strips of tender slow cooked Pork Cheek revealed with a herbal aroma that filled the air. It was rather hard to concentrate on taking a good photograph of this dish without drooling over it. Steam-baked in a Port Wine Mustard sauce along with vine-ripened tomatoes, the pork cheek was well received by the group. CATO South Bridge Road-42Besides offering a selection of appetizers, tapas and mains, there is a selection of 2 desserts to choose from. If you prefer something light, Papaya Nougat Glace ($14) is a refreshing dessert made with homemade nougat, papaya chunks and caramelised almond. The Valrhona Warm Pistachio Chocolate Cake is a warm lava cake served with ice Cream & fresh pomegranate. ($14)CATO South Bridge Road-8 CATO South Bridge Road-33 CATO South Bridge Road-38 CATO South Bridge Road-39 CATO South Bridge Road-37No matter whether you are a beer drinker, a cocktail lover, a spirit connoisseur or a food lover, CATO has something for you. The 46-seater restaurant on the first floor provides a dim lit setting for a cosy dinner while the DJ behind the customized rickshaw DJ console on level 2 would be playing groovy music to sweep you off that Monday Blues. CATO South Bridge Road-32Thank you Openrice and CATO for the media invite and warm hospitality.

Cato Singapore
237 South Bridge Road Singapore 058786
Tel: +65 8299 6434
Operating Hours: Tues-Fri 6pm to 12 Midnight
Sat 6pm-1am
Closed on Sunday & Monday


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