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Beauty Review: H.A.S. Treatment @ D’Skin

TempurSleepsanctuary-2Facial has been playing a huge part of my beauty regime and I am a firm believer of getting a good facial. On a monthly basis, I would definitely give my face a pampering facial treatment and I am always on the lookout to try new beauty salon. After getting a few good reviews amongst my friends, I have decided to give D’skin a try.

TempurSleepsanctuary-4With the success from its first outlet in Kovan, D’Skin continue to bring its arsenal of top-grade equipment and tailored services to other parts of Singapore. Currently, there are 3 outlets (Heartland Mall, Novena Square & Toa Payoh Central). I have booked an appointment to go to its outlet in Toa Payoh which is located within 2 within walk from Toa Payoh MRT station.TempurSleepsanctuary-15 TempurSleepsanctuary-16 TempurSleepsanctuary-17Something unique about D’skin is that they have brought in Soft Plus, a standalone PC-powered skin assessment system. With this technology, the therapists are able to track the skin’s pH level on top of other important indicators such as hydration, sebum, elasticity and melanin…etc before they customise a facial treatment according to our skin conditions. Yay to customised facial! Our skin is always facing new challenges due to the different environmental changes and lifestyle that we are having so I believe that everyone has different needs at different time of the year. TempurSleepsanctuary-14TempurSleepsanctuary-19After the skin analysis, I was given a pair of disposable slippers to change and a locker with a key where I kept my personal belongings before proceeding to my facial treatment. TempurSleepsanctuary-20A double cleansing was done to remove any trace of make up and dirt on my face before I was given a facial scrub with swift yet gentle handworks. Extraction of pimples and blackheads was executed meticulously after about 5 minutes of steaming which opened up the pores. There is also an option for eyebrow trimming at this point of time. However do note that extraction was not the most painless one that I have tried. An interesting fact is the beautician who did the extraction was a different one who was specially trained just to do extraction.TempurSleepsanctuary-27After the extraction, there was a machine used with a specific wavelength to close pores, soothe the nerves to reduce redness from the extraction, firm up facial tissues and stimulate the skin for the next step that followed, facial massage with serum! The wavelengths delivered to the skin help to activate serum absorption processes deep within the skin layer. With the gentle handwork on my face, I felt both relaxed and wished for the massage to last longer!TempurSleepsanctuary-30TempurSleepsanctuary-32A moisturizing gel mask was then applied to my face before a seaweed mask, with whitening and firming effect, was evenly spread onto my face. While waiting for the time to pass, my shoulder and head got a good rub with essential oil! Once the mask was removed, toner was applied using a machine and moisturiser and sunblock were lightly padded onto the skin. The facial treatment then ended with a back massage.TempurSleepsanctuary-34After the facial, I was served with lemongrass tea which aids in detoxification.TempurSleepsanctuary-12Facials at D’skin  consisted of a combination of handwork, machines and usage of a range of d’skin products with Japan and Europe formulation. The one that I have done is H.A.S. Treatment which uses Hyaluronic Acid to replenish the hydration in my skin. D’skin believes that with the skin needs to receive maximum moisture in order to have the most optimum skin condition. Thus the treatment emphasized a lot on hydration which works wonder for my perpetually dry skin! After the facial, I felt very relaxed and rejuvenated! This is the first time that I received a massage while waiting for the time to pass for the mask. My skin was more pumped up after facial and to my surprise without much redness. I have also noticed that my fine lines on the forehead was not as obvious as before. As the facial was tailored made for me, I would suggest that you make an appointment for a customised facial according to your skin type if you are interested. The facial is starting from $68.

Kovan Outlet (Heartland Mall)
205 Hougang St 21 #02-133/135 Singapore 530205
Tel: +65 6282 7388
SMS: +65 8181 7388

Novena Square Outlet
238 Thomson Rd #03-03/13/14/15 Novena Square Singapore 307683
Tel: +65 6252 5822
SMS: +65 9456 9533

Toa Payoh Outlet
520 Toa Payoh Central #01-54 Singapore 310520
Tel: +65 6258 9388
SMS: +65 8181 9388

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