[NEW] CP Crispy Chicken with Korean Inspired Sauces!

CPkoreanwings-25Annyeong Haseyo! As the Korean wave continues to sweep across Singapore, we see the opening of more Korean eateries and Korean inspired food. From the same people who launched the well loved  Shrimp Wontons and Honey Wings, CP has recently launched CP crispy chicken with Korean Hot & Spicy Sauce and Honey Lemon Sauce! While enjoying Korean drama at home, we can now dig in to these crispy mid joint wings inspired by popular Korean snack, Yangnyeom Dak (Seasoned fried chicken), in the comfort of our home. 

CPcrispychickenhot&spicysauceFor those who has a thing for spicy food, tuck in to the Hot & Spicy crispy chicken! The mid-joint wings are seasoned with spices and coated with a layer of crispy crust. With the sauce packed in a separate sachet, you can either use the sauce as a dip or simply drizzle the sauce over the crispy chicken and mix well for a complete fiery sensation! As someone who enjoys spicy food with acceptable tolerance for hot and fiery stuff, this piquant snack is addictive but too hot for me to handle. However, for people like J who can’t live without chilli padi, this picante wings are definitely her dope! I can forsee her stocking these wings at home while we chase after our drama series. CPcrispychickenhoneylemonsauceFor people who prefer something sweet with a refreshing zesty touch, the specially formulated Honey Lemon Sauce would be perfect for you. Personally, I prefer this sauce as it is tangy and more refreshing. CPkoreanwings-15Besides being a great choice of snack to have while watching Korean drama, I think this is also an awesome snack to go with beer. Cp Korean Crispy Chicken is currently retailing at $6.50 per pack and is available at NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Siong Prime Supermarkets. CPkoreanwings-19There is also a promotion running on the website which offer a 40% discount when you purchase two packets of the CP Korean Crispy Chicken.  So do check it out for greater savings. I kid you not, the wings are tender, juicy and even better than some of the Korean Fried Chicken outlets in Singapore. =)

Thank you CP Foods for the special lunch delivery!


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