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A High Tea Date with Dilmah in Singapore Style

Are you a tea lover? If yes, congratulations! Here is a chance for you to win a 10-days all expense paid trip to Sri Lanka. As a prelude to the grand finale of the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge in Sri Lanka in July, Dilmah has launched “Tea Inspired Me” online competition. Besides standing a chance to win a 10-days all expense paid trip to Sri Lanka, the winner gets to witness Singapore representative, Tess Bar & Kitchen compete against 13 representatives from other countries.

There are 5 themes to Dilmah’s “Tea Inspired Me” challenge (Tea and Friendship, Tea and Memory, Tea, Me and Grandma, Tea Kids, and Tea and Ethics). Simply share your favourite tea moments in photography, video, audio or in written form and upload it to the website. The competition is conducted on 2 levels, global and national. For the national level, the winner gets a weekend staycation package at a 5 star hotel and an exclusive Dilmah gift pack. Using the same “Tea Inspired Me” moments, it will also enter you in the global level of the competition whereby you stand a chance to win 10-days all expense paid trip to Sri Lanka. The competition ends on 20 June 2015. So hurry up, share your favourite tea moments now. 😉

Thanks to the gift pack from the lovely peeps from Dilmah. I have learnt to make some delicious mocktail using some earl grey tea. Simply mix some apple juice with earl grey tea and a dash of lemon juice. Tada~~~ you will have a refreshing apple earl grey tea. 😉 This is my “Tea Inspired Me” moment. What’s yours?
I have also made a Earl Grey Lychee Popsicle with Dilmah tea. This is a really great treat for tea lovers with Singapore sweltering weather. Simply make a pot of tea with Dilmah Earl Grey teabag, let it chill and mix in a can of lychee. Pour the earl grey lychee tea into the popsicle maker (I got the popsicle maker from ikea at $3.90) and wait for it to set in the freezer. Simple right? I did it within 10 minutes and spend the rest of the time chillaxing with the remaining earl grey lychee tea. 🙂

There is also a “Host a Dilmah Real High Tea” challenge for any cafes and restaurants in Singapore to participate. All participants will receive a starter kit. Simply incorporate any of Dilmah tea into their own interpretation of Dilmah High Tea from 20 June to 28 June 2015. The high tea menu will be reviewed and the winner will walk away with an all-expenses paid trip to Sri Lanka for a culinary tea adventure at the Dilmah School of Tea in November.

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