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Yay to MAXIMUM enjoyment while showering with Ariston

AristonProductLaunch-5Have you ever felt frustrated that halfway through your hot shower, the water turned cold and you were left shivering in the bathroom? Showering time to me is like a time for me to relax myself and wash away all the negativity from the day. Thus I have always cherish this “me” time. However it is not easy to maintain the water temperature without having to re-adjust the instant water heater all the time. Last month, I attended a media launch of Ariston’s newest brainchild, AURES! AristonProductLaunchThe event was held at The China Club Singapore at Capital Tower Level 52 and showcased the revolutionary Constant Temperature technology in the water heating industry for the first time in the World.aristonBesides having the luxury to enjoy the panoramic city view, there was a photo booth where the guests get their pictures taken and photographs printed out. For guests who would like to have an early happy hour, wines and beer were served free flow too. AristonProductLaunch-9Ariston Thermo (Ariston) is an italian global company that sold 7.4 million products in over 150 countries, achieving €1.34 billion in revenue. After setting up its very own local team in Singapore, Ariston launches a whole new feature into the water heating market – Constant Temperature* through its latest EIWH series.Ariston electri

The new Ariston EIWH models are equipped with flow sensor (or flow switch), a series of Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) sensors and TRIAC. These sensors allow the heater to measure the temperature and flow of the water entering the water heater. The heater also can adjust the power of the heating. Hence, the users of the Ariston EIWH can enjoy  consistent shower experience by pre-setting their desired water temperature. AristonProductLaunch-6With the Constant Temperature technology, water can be produced at the exact temperature required. Thus not only does it assure comfort, water, and energy efficiency, it also has the anti-scalding system which prevent scalding. If the inlet temperature is above the pre-set temperature, the water will not be allowed to flow in.  The heater will then warn the user through a blinking triangle icon on the heater. All Ariston products are completely designed in Italy by UP DESIGN, a famous and established Italian design firm that is well recognized in several industries from appliances to automotive. Hence explained the premium display and soft-touch buttons from this new series of Ariston EIWH. The new EIWH series can be purchased from all authorized dealers in Singapore, available from $199. For more details, do check out Ariston Singapore’s website.


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