Tots after watching The fault in our stars.

Recently I have just watched the movie, the fault in our stars. Gosh, beside being hopelessly romantic, it is a movie that let people ponders.I started to reflect back on the relationships that I had and my current new love. To a certain extend, I did gotta admit that I didn’t cherish certain people as much as I should and I have not try as hard as I ought to. Thus somehow I wanted to cherish the current one as much as I can and definitely her happiness is essentially equal to mine.

Although I do not know what lies ahead and I am also not sure whether this is going to be another fruitless conquest, I am so going to put in my best and make it work. Just like the movie, life is so unpredictable, I feel that by giving any less of me, I am actually shortchanging myself instead.

 Somehow life is not going to be a bed of roses. In the movie, it is all about Gus and Hazel falling in love and all the lovey dovey moments. In realty, there are times whereby we feel threatened by the presence of another person and we name that feeling – Jealousy. I think back about my past relationships whereby I felt that sense of jealousy. Most of the time, it is because of the lack of confidence and security. For this, I guess it takes a lot of communication and also whether 2 persons are willing to work it out. However I do feel that though we shouldn’t ignore this feeling, neither should we let this feeling devours us inside out and make it an issue for the relationship.
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