Food Review: Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun, is it worth the queue?

Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun
Located just behind Chinatown Point, Hong Lim Food Centre can be easily access via public transport – Mrt with North East Line (Exit E) and buses. It is one of my favourite food centre in Singapore as it houses a lot of delicious local delights. Among them, Tuck Kee is one of them with unceasingly long queue. But is it really that good?
Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun
Based on my experience, the queue usually could take you up to 45 minutes or an hour. So the best bet is to go there early and start queuing at 11am when the stall is opened.
Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun
Please don’t ask me why but it just happens to be so. Alike to many famous hawker centre stalls, please be prepared that the stall owners do not have the best of attitude.
Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun
The Crayfish Prawn Hor Fun comes in 2 sizes – Small ($6) & Big ($7.50). If you are looking at takeaway, it is extra $0.50.
Personally I find that it’s rather unique to see crayfish as one of the highlights for a hawker centre food. Not only is the gravy rich in the prawn flavours and reminded you of the sea, the hor fun is also smooth and thin.
Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun
Beside the Crayfish Prawn Hor Fun, there are also other varieties such as Pacific Clam Prawn Hor Fun ($4.50), Chicken Prawn Hor Fun ($4), Abalone Mushroom Prawn Hor Fun ($4) and Med Prawn Hor Fun ($4.50).
We ordered the Pacific Clam Prawn Hor Fun. Basically it is the same as the rest of the Hor fun, just that there is a difference in the ingredients topped on the Hor Fun.Though there is a variety of Hor fun, the Crayfish Prawn Hor Fun is still the most popular one.
Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun
Other than Hor Fun,there is also Fresh Prawn wanton ($2.50). I love the fact that there is a whole prawn inside the wanton which gives it some texture. On top of that, the generous serving of vegetables are also very welcoming.
Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun
Beside offering a variety of hor fun with good portion of fresh ingredients, the price is still very affordable. Although over the years the standard of the food has dropped significantly, it is still tasty and flavourful. To conclude,  Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun is still worth the queue if you don’t mind the attitude of the stall owners and if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to have some seafood.

Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun
531A Upper Cross Street
#02-40 Hong Lim Food Centre
Operating Hours: 11am to 3pm
Closed on Sunday

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