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Salted Egg Croissants in Singapore

Untitled-2Just when everyone thought that the salted egg yolk craze is over, 2016 surprised us with the trending SALTED EGG LAVA CROISSANT in Singapore! Not that I am complaining, as a salted egg lover, I welcome this beautiful creation of both my favourite kind of food. Originated from Hongkong, then to Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru (see my review on Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe) and now Singapore. Barely a week into the month of February, we already have 5 different cafes offering the salted egg yolk croissant! Let’s walk with me to see who they are. Yes, I have tried them all by myself. Calories much but nvm I love salted egg yolk!

SaltedegglavacroissantsingaporeFlavourFlingsBeing one and only Halal cafe that serves salted egg croissant ($7.50) at the moment, Flavour Flings was the first to launch the salted egg lava croissant in Singapore. The result was overwhelming with the croissants selling out within 30 minutes on the first day it was launched. Currently, it is only available for takeaways from 5.30pm onwards except Tuesdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Not the best, a tad too sweet for me but at least the people at district 19  need not travel far to get their salted egg croissant craving fixed. Best part is it is Halal so our muslim friends can enjoy it too.

Flavour Flings
121 Hougang Ave 1 #01-1348 Singapore 530121
Tel: +65 6286 0051
Operating hours : 11 am to 9 pm Mon to Fri (closed on Tuesdays)
9 pm to 9 pm Sat & Sun
Closed on Tues
InstagramSaltedegglavacroissantsingapore-11Antoinette’s salted egg yolk croissant ($6.50) is likely the croissant that has the most eye balls since it was launched. On the launch day, many social media influencers were invited to have a preview of the salted egg yolk croissant. Chef Pang indeed live up to his name. The croissant was one of the bigger ones with light and flaky pastry enveloping the salted egg lava fillings. 3 salted egg yolks were hand sieved and used in the making of each of the croissant! No wonder it feels like eating the salted egg yolk inside mooncake (without the lotus paste filling of cos) during the lantern festive (in the good way of cos)! Yum yum. Best to pair with a pot of tea! Currently it is only available at the outlet at Penhas Road from 11am onwards. However, from 10 Feb onwards, it will be available at Mandarin Gallery and Sofitel So Singapore from 1pm onwards. Weeeee… can’t wait to get my hands on more of these.

P.S: Do not be deceived by this picture, it is actually bigger than my palm.

ANTOINETTE at Penhas Road
30 Penhas Road (off Lavender Street) Singapore 208188
Tel: +65 6293 3121
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm Mon to Thurs
11am to 11pm Fri and Eve of Public Holidays
10am to 11pm Sat
10am to 10pm Sun and Public Holidays

ANTOINETTE at Mandarin Gallery
33A Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34 Singapore 238897
Tel: +65 6836 9527
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

ANTOINETTE at Sofitel So Singapore
35 Robinson Road Singapore 068876
Tel: +65 6701 6868
Operating Hours: 8am to 10pm daily

InstagramSaltedegglavacroissantsingapore-16Available only in really very limited quantity. Black and ink first has their hands on salted egg bakes way before the salted egg croissant has hit our shores. Yes, has anyone tried Black and Ink’s signature Salted Egg Yolk Muffin? Yup, the same kind of filling is now available in the big buttery croissant from Bakery Artisan Original. I have also spotted a big lump of REAL salted egg yolk in the slight sweet filling. Yum yum. Do remember to pair the salted egg croissant ($5.50) with their signature cold brew or a latte over their in house blend. Black and Ink is afterall the only coffee centric cafe running this Salted Egg Croissant.

Black & Ink
168 Changi Road #01-01/02 Singapore 419730
Tel: +65 9620 1022
Operating Hours: 10am to 7pm Wed & Thur
                                         10am to 9pm Fri & Sat
                                         10am to 7pm Sun
                                         Closed on Mon & Tues
InstagramSaltedegglavacroissantsingapore-18Located at SOTA, Kokomama Marketplace is one place that you can find affordable lunch set, ramen, bread bowl, baked rice and bingsu. Besides that, now you can also find salted egg croissant (aka Kokolava Salted Egg – $6.50) together with the other french pastries that are baked in house. There are also 2 other different flavoured croissants (peanut and custard) that were launched on Thur. So far, I have only tried the salted egg croissant which is really crispy but I would love to see a stronger and more prominent salted egg yolk taste in the croissant. According to the owners, the best among the 3 is the Kokolava peanut. Have you tried any of the Kokolava croissant? Which do you like the best?
Kokomama Marketplace
1 Zubir Said Drive #01-01 School of The Arts Singapore 227968
Tel: +65 6835 7898
Operating Hours: 8am – 10pm (Mon-Thurs)
8am – 10:30pm (Fri-Sat)
10am – 8pm (Sun)
InstagramBridge-15Launched on friday, 5th Feb 3pm together with Truffle Custard Croissant ($6.50). Bridge strives to appeal to both the salted egg yolk lovers and the truffle lovers. Being the last player in the salted egg war for the first week of February, the size of the croissant is slightly smaller but priced at $5.90, I have no complain. With the taste more slanted toward the salty side, it might appeal more to those with a heavier palate. However salted egg croissant is defintely not Bridge’s core business, try the dishes too if you are here. They taste as good as they look. Some of my fav are the NZ Blue Cod on Savoy Cabbage and Spanish Seaweed and Belly and Cheek. Both the croissants are available from 3pm to 6pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.
Bridge Cafe, Restaurant & Bar
31 Seah Street Singapore 188387
Tel: +65 6333 4453
Operating Hours: 12pm-10pm Tues-Fri
10am-12am Sat
10am-5pm Sun
InstagramSaltedegglavacroissantsingapore-14Many of us have forseen that more and more salted egg croissants will be popping up around the island. As a salted egg lover, I welcome more. But why the western side of Singapore is so quiet ah? I would really love to see some salted egg croissant launching in the western side too . As of now, I think the best salted egg croissant are still the ones from Antoinette. Salted egg filling gao gao and the pastry is so buttery and flaky. So if I want to get my salted egg croissant craving fixed, Antoinette is the choice for me!

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    Nicholas Ng
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    Too much of salted egg croissants everywhere. Yet to try one that stands out for me. Who knows, will give this a try. 🙂

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      Totally agreed. But that’s what make the F&B scene so vibrant and interesting. As consumers, we are spoilt for choices. Happy Chinese New Year. Thanks for dropping by my humble website.

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