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Product Review: Bené Premium Rougeria and Bené Premium Bluria shampoo and treatment range (Sponsored)

As some may know, I used to be a stylist during my younger days and I am quite particular about the shampoos and conditioners that I use. I believe that having a good shampoo and conditioner is very important for the wellness of our crown of glory especially to tame those frizzy ends. Recently I was given 2 sets of shampoo and conditioner from Bené Premium – Bluria and Rougeria range respectively, to do a review. So how do I find them?

The Bené Premium Rougeria is a range of haircare products design to rejuvenate damaged hair using conditioning ingredients such as honey, selected oils (organic arga oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil with keratin infusions), apple juice extract, tomato juice and carrot extract. Besides nourishing, moisturising and repairing the hair to keep it silky and supple, the red enzymes from the 3 red vegetables also help to protect the hair from environmental stress and daily wear and tear. It is also good to know that the products are silicone free. There are many products in the market that are using silicone to give that beautiful smooth glide that you experience when you comb your hair. In order to achieve that silky smooth finish on our hair, the use of silicone provides a layer of substance around the hair cuticles, which is not good for our hair in the long run. While it forms a protective layer to prevent moisture loss, it also creates build up in the hair thus weighting it down. Eventually, it will cause the hair to look dull and lackluster. There are also cases whereby it affect the growth of the hair and causes hair loss.
silicone free shampoo
The Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Shampoo has a beautiful packaging of crystal pink bottle and is 530ml. The product is silicone free and has a beautiful combination scents of fruity, floral and rose notes.
silicone free shampoo
Simply apply an appropriate amount to wet hair and work into lather. After rinsing thoroughly with warm water, I am surprised to find how easy my fingers run through the wet hair. Usually, I would have difficulty to do so before the use of hair conditioner.
The Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair treatment is a cream-based non-silicone treatment formulated with hydrating ingredients to keep the hair silky and supple without weighting the hair down with build-ups. After using the Bené Premium Rougeria range, my hair indeed looks more healthy and smooth. In fact, I have friends who commented that my hair looks more glossy. However, the range is very rich and moisturising, I would recommend it to be use in alternate with the Bené Premium Bluria range.
silicone free
The Bené Premium Bluria range is formulated using ingredients such as papaya juice extract, kiwi extract and avocado extract. The green enzymes in these fruits has purifying power that gives a refreshing lightness to the hair. While the natural lava clay from Morocco, the dead sea mud from Israel and the green clay from France nourishes the hair with the minerals and salt found in these ingredients, the hair was cleansed from grease and impurities and leaving it strong, supple and conditioned.
silicone free

Similar to the Bené Premium Rougeria range, the Bené Premium Bluria range is also silicone free. It has a fresh fruity notes which left me feeling as if I was in a tropical garden after use. After using the Bené Premium Bluria Delicious Spa Shampoo, I was again surprised by how easy my fingers comb through my hair. I have even tried skipping the conditioner on several occasions and was elated to find how my fingers glide through those hair. 😉

silicone free
Unlike most of the conditioners, Bené Premium Bluria Delicious Spa Treatment is readily absorb into the hair without that smooth slimy feel that I almost thought that I have not applied enough to the hair. However, I can assure you that only an amount of about 20 cents coin size is required to make your hair smooth and soft.
So Bené Premium Rougeria or Bené Premium Bluria?
Both range left my hair feeling smoother and silkier. There wasn’t any tangled hair and I enjoyed gliding my fingers through my hair after usage. I love the shine on my hair after using the shampoo and conditioner, which is usually only achievable after application of hair serum. I have now one less step of care to do. 🙂
However, if you have damaged hair, I would recommend you to try the Bené Premium Rougeria range as it is formulated to give intensive moisture to the hair. Personally, Bené Premium Rougeria range does a good job in nourishing and hydrating my hair but I find it slightly too rich for daily use.
I like the Bené Premium Bluria range more as it gives a little bit more volume to my hair in comparison and it is more suitable for my hair type on a dizzily usage basis.
Both Bené Premium Rougeria and Bené Premium Bluria will be made exclusively available in selected Watsons outlets nationwide.
The retail price is $19.90 as I last seen it at Watson last week. You can also visit Bené Premium Rougeria and Bené Premium Bluria website to find out more. Do share with me if you are also using these 2 ranges too.
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