Pillowy Cafe Pop Up Store at Isetan Scotts

When I first saw Mr Pillowy (the dolls in the above picture) on facebook, I told J that I must visit the Pillowy Cafe. They are so cute right? They are actually the mascot for Pillowy Cafe, a pop up store at Isetan Scott level 2. Pillowy Cafe is originally from Japan with more than 5 outlets across Japan for customization of pillows. Having a good sleep is golden and a good sleep begins with a pillow that fits you well, isn’t it? Thus me and J made our way to the Pillowy Cafe just before our trip to Bali.

To customise a pillow, one must first measure their head with a special apparatus. The apparatus will measure the space between our neck and the head. This is very important for a good night sleep as every individual has a different measurement and the position of the neck should align with the spine in a neutral position.

After the measurement was made, we proceed to choose the kind of material that we prefer.
There were 6 kinds of materials to choose from and each has a different level of softness/hardness. After which, we proceed to choose the colour of pillow case as well as the material.
Our sleeping posture is also very important. The right pillow should comfortably provide support for our head and neck. For example, if we sleep on on our back, a pillow that lifts the head and chin can help with the breathing and snoring issue. While most of the times, we do not get to try on the pillow before we buy one, there was a bed for us to try on the pillow before buying it. The lady also did add in supporting layers for different part of the pillow to ensure maximum comfort level is achieved for the different sleeping posture.
Last but not least, is the making of customised pillow! The process was rather interesting with a pillow master filling up 4 different small pillows before assemble them together as a pillow.
Tada~~~ my very first customised pillow! Total damage is $198 for the pillow plus $38 for the additional pillow case. I was also given an additional small packet of my preferred material for me to “top up” on my pillow when it start to flatten.
I do not know whether it is a physiological effect, I do feel that I have a better sleep after using the customized pillow. Without a suitable pillow, people tend to be prone to bouts of pain when we wake up. Well, I guess a good night sleep is essential to a great day ahead. So I thought that I might have made a great investment. =)
The Pillowy Cafe pop up store is currently over but you can always check out their facebook page for their next appearance in Singapore.

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