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At 4pm on 3rd April, PM Lee has made an announcement that most workplaces will be closed, except for essential services such as hospitals, markets and supermarkets and key economic sectors, from next Tuesday, 7th April 2020, for a month with full home-based learning starting next Wednesday, 8th April 2020. I think Singaporeans went crazy shopping for essentials. This is what was happening at 4.30pm when I went to a supermarket near home. Many friends have complained in groupchats that long queue happening islandwide and many things are sold out. Here is a list of online platforms for grocery shopping for you to consider if you are buying food for your family. Skip the queue, go online and practice social distancing. Stay safe and healthy, my fellow Singaporeans.
taste singapore
Fresh Produce:
SGXIAOXIANROU Vacuum-Sealed Fresh Chilled Pork
Mr Chin Cai Vegetables & Fruits
Halal Groceries:
Premium or Specialised Groceries:
CP Food

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