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Newly Launched Facial @ Dr. Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetic & LaserCentre

I have heard about how beneficial MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is to our health. Besides increasing circulation of blood to the areas that were massaged, it can also help with more than 60 different ailments and conditions. Just to name a few, it includes migraine, common acne, constipation, eczema, rheumatoid, sinus congestion and repetitive strain injury. Hence, you can imagine my excitement when I first heard of the newly launched facial, Methode Physiodermie Manual Lymphatic Drainage, @ Dr. Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetic & Laser Centre.

I was guided to a treatment room with beautiful natural lighting when I reached the clinic. I guess by now, everyone know what a big fan of natural lighting I am. To state the obvious, I was feeling both happy and comfortable as I entered the treatment room.
Just a little background on Methode Physiodermie. All Physiodermie products contains natural ingredients such as essential oils, seaweed and marine extracts, which are extracted from pure organic plants. They are then preserved in MEIMA Micro-Encapsulation, one of the most advanced and technologically researched delivery system. Methode Physiodermie is manufactured in Switzerland which contains the MEIMA TECHNOLOGY. A selective delivery system that specifically targets membranes and delivers the necessary ingredients. It has high concentration of therapeutic essential oils and is hypoallergenic.
Before the treatment starts, I was given a yellow grown to change into.
It is also good to know that my beautician of the day is CIDESCO certified. The certificate from CIDESCO is internationally recognised. I have also heard from my friends in the beauty industry that it is also a certificate that is difficult to acquire due to its strict examination guidelines.
After removing my make-up with the Deep Cleansing Milk, Stabilizing Lotion pH Balancing was applied to my face. While the Deep Cleansing Milk gently removes my makeup and impurities and preserves my skin’s hydration, Stabilizing Lotion pH Balancing helps to enhance the penetration of active ingredients. A Soft Face Biopeeling was done after. It was a 2 step treatment of applying a specific double action (enzymatic) exfoliating gel and left on my face for a while. After which, a very relaxing facial massage was done. The process helps to remove dead cells and promote the cells renewal process. At the same time, it oxygenates the skin. Some of the key ingredients are Fucus, Bamboo, Borage, Seed Oil, Cornflower Extract, Matricaria Flower.
After the extraction, a sheet mask with PH Lotion and Soothing Bioarome was put onto my face. The PH Lotion aids to calm my skin and rebalances the skin’s pH. It is also an essential step as it enhances the penetration of active ingredients in the skin care products.
The part that I enjoyed most is the MLD massage that followed after. Besides applying Bioarome with Treatment Emulsion Hydro Sensitive Emulsion, Samantha used light, rhythmic and very precise hand movements, pressures and sequences on my lymphatic system. The MLD massage helps to facilitates waste removal at cellular level and assists with bringing nutrients and oxygen to cells. Thus resulted in a healthy and glowing skin. After the massage, I felt relaxed, calm and not so fatigue.
The whole MLD facial took about 2 hours and cost $250. But most importantly, after the facial, my skin felt hydrated, smooth and drewy. The above is the picture I took at HARMAN event after the facial. I have had a fellow blogger friend who commented that I look fresh and my skin is glowing! I guess that is the reason why we go for facial. At the end of the day, what we wish to achieve is a better complexion. =)
To be frank, I am totally in love with this facial. Even days after the facial, my skin feels baby smooth! Best of all, I have this glow on my face that I need not apply any blusher! =)
P.S: The above views are shared based on my personal experience, no monetary compensation was given.
Dr Benjamin Yim Aesthetic & Laser Centre
583 Orchard Road Forum #06-04 Singapore 238884
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