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Media Tasting: Third Place @ MedTech

It is no surprise that F&B outlets are sprouting in Jurong as it is one of the biggest town in Singapore. Beside residential area, there is also a huge industrial area. To cater to the working crowd, Select Group has recently launched its latest concept, Third Place, in Jurong industrial area.

Set in the industrial area with the concept of being a home away from home, Third place features a totally different dining experience as compared to the typical chain eateries. For example, the Third Place at MedTech offers local and international cuisines from the 12 stalls during lunch while Tze Char and Tapas bar operate from 5pm onwards. It is also good to know that there are servers stationed to take orders for food and drinks. Televisions are located around to screen blockbusters to keep you entertained while having your meals.
Leafy Arcadia ($10)
Krab’s Ocean Drink ($18)
Beef Me Up ($14)
 At the tapas bar, you can find items from salad to red wine Alaska crab leg and roasted beef rib. One of my favourite of the night is the roasted beef rib aka Beef Me Up. It was flavourful, soft and tender. I love how easily I could tear the meat off from the ribs, a sign of well cooked ribs. =)
Five Blessings Platter ($80)

A variety of items showcased in the deep fried platter. Some items are commonly seen during wedding banquets, such as jelly fish with sweet and spicy sauce, green papaya salad, and salted egg wrapped with popiah. There are also fried enoki mushroom seasoned with salt & pepper and mango prawn roll.

Prawn Ball with Macadamia Nut in Orange Sauce ($18/ $27/ $36)
Pork Ribs with Honey Peach ($15/ $22/ $30)
Stir Fried Assorted Vegetables ($16/ $22/ $30)
Beancurd with Hon-Shimeji Mushroom ($12/ $18/ $24)

One of the hot favourite of the night is this homemade beancurb served with hon-shimeji mushroom sauce. It is soft and silky beneath the deep fried skin. With a limited portion of 30 pieces per day, I think this is a must-order if you are here.

Nonya-style steamed red grouper (seasonal price)

Like all Tze Char meal, I feel that it is never complete without any seafood. The red grouper was rendered to perfection. I like how the tangy sauce (reminded me of assam sauce) complements the perfectly cooked fish. We all know that fish is kinda tricky. A min less = uncooked, a min more = overcooked. I am glad that this fish is cooked just right! =)

It is good to know that besides the usual chilli crabs, signature salted egg cheese crab is served! These sauces are perfect to go with those little golden pillows!

For people who just want to chillax over some craft beers and ciders, there are a wide selection of them available at affordable prices as well. If you like something light and refreshing, do give Alska ciders a try. If you are an IPA person like me, a Space Frontier can be a good choice too. =)
Besides the food and beers, I also found a corner selling snacks. I was thrilled to find the biscotti here. This is one of my favourite but it is usually found only onboard one of the budget airline.
Overall I think this is an interesting concept that offer the working crowd an alternative to unwind after a day of hard work. With a such a huge space away from the hustle and bustle, it is also ideal for team building events and big group gatherings. For the peeps working in Jurong, this is also a good alternative instead of travelling down to town. Currently Third Place is also running a promotion for diners to stand a chance to win a Samsung S6, details are on the website. There are 3 sets to be won. Check them out! =)
Third Place @ MedTech
2 Tukang Innovation Grove JTC MedTech One #01-01 Singapore 618305
Operating Hours: Mon~ Sat 6am to 10pm
                 (Last order at 9.30pm)
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