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Juice Cleansing with HIC Juice

Why You Should Start a Juice Cleanse to Detox Your Body
Recently, I started getting interested in having a juice cleanse as I was looking for an easy way to detox, kick start my sluggish metabolism and lose weight! Juice blends have been increasingly popular among health conscious individuals and celebrities alike, who are choosing the healthier cold pressed juice over fruit drinks and syrups.

Being a busy working adult, it can be quite challenging to invest in the equipment and buy a different variety of fruits and vegetables to make my own juice blends at home and I admit I can be quite a lazy person who seek convenience all the time. I did some research online and found Hic Juice who delivered 3-day supply of juices to me, freshly cold pressed on the day of delivery. I bought the 3-day detox programme with Hic Juice at $360 (inclusive of GST & delivery fee).
With their cold press technology, they are able to extract close to 5 times the amount of nutrients, releasing vital nutrients and live enzymes to produce high quality and delicious juice blends. The sequence which the juices should be drank are determined by dieticians and are in accordance to our bodily needs to help us reap the maximum benefits of juice cleansing. 
How does Juicing benefits us?
Do you know that essential nutrients are lost when food is cooked in heat above 45 degree Celsius? With the cold pressed technology, no heat is introduced throughout the entire process to retain the nutrients and minimize oxidation.
The essential nutrients, vitamins and live enzymes from fruits and vegetables can be easily digested and absorbed by the body compared to whole foods, thereby boosting our energy levels. Juice blends are also beneficial for individuals who are fighting or recuperating from an illness as your body is able to receive the nourishment it needs to boost immunity and fight diseases.
A Way to Detox and Cleanse the Body
The cleanse allows your digestive system to take a break from the usual stresses it is subjected to while the juice flushes it with nutrients and enzymes to help reset and alkalises your system. Cleansing also means clearing out the toxins in your system and you can achieve better looking skin after the detox which is good news for the health aficionados.
My Experience with the 3-day Detox Programme
A funny incident happened during my first day of juice cleanse. I was in a church service when suddenly pastor recounted a story about how he used to dislike people walking around during service as this was an act of disrespect to him. As such, a lady was so afraid to go to the toilet that she actually peed at her seat! Everyone laughed so loudly except me as I was getting rather nervous and uncomfortable every minute with a bursting bladder!  🙂
Fortunately for me, I have little craving or addiction for coffee, tea and alcohol, other than good food as I am such a foodie at heart! On the first day of the juice cleanse, I felt a little weak and light headed. I also need to visit the toilet every 20-30 minutes due to the large quantities of juices and water consumed. After a long day of liquid diet, I really craved for a warm meal but I pressed on, thinking of the effort and money I have spent on this programme. “Just 2 more days!” was what I kept telling myself.
Hic Juice are really delicious such that I always look forward to my next juice meal! The only juices I disliked are those with cayenne pepper as it is a little too spicy for me and will make my stomach “burned” and churned even harder.
My advice to those thinking of doing the detox programme is to try to stay at home as much as possible as you need to run to the toilet quite frequently and there are just too much temptation (think of happy people eating their food) outside! To curb my hunger pangs, I ate a lot fresh fruits and plain salad in between the juices.
After the Detox Programme
Your body will slowly get acclimatise to the juice diet but after that you will emerged feeling cleaner, healthier and have lesser cravings for fried and oily foods. I also conscientiously try to incorporate healthier food choices into my diet after the detox programme whenever possible.
My advice is to condition your mind mentally to understand why you are doing this to reap the benefits. You can also start easing yourself into the programme proper by going for a lighter and healthier diet (e.g., reduce intake of coffee, alcohol and sugary stuff) so that your body will not get a rude shock or suddenly go “cold turkey”.
So, what is stopping you from giving your body what it truly deserves?
Hic Juice has newly opened an outlet at Suntec City and you can send your washed glass bottles to the shop for a $0.50 rebate per bottle for your future juice purchases.
The Shop By HIC
3 Temasek Boulevard  #02-470 Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983
Operating Hours: Mon ~ Sun 11am to 9pm


The above article is written by Guest Writer, Yvette and you can find her on her instagram

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