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Food Review: Sunrise Bistro & Bar @ East Coast Park

East Coast Park has always strike me as somewhere very relaxing and a place where I can enjoy some bonding time with my loved ones. Unknown to me, there is a bistro serving casual french cuisine with a contemporary twist and a fine blend of Asian flavours. On days when there are EPL soccer matches, there is also live screening. Awesome isn’t it? I am blessed to be invited to a private tasting where I share my love for food with an awesome company.

Seafood Chowder Soup ($12)

Unlike the usual seafood chowder, Chef Vincent used tomatoes as base and topped with fresh seafood, chopped chives and extra virgin olive oil. Instead of having the usual creamy texture, the seafood chowder is slightly tangy. Packed with seafood such as squid, prawn, fish and mussels, this is definitely a good way to start the meal. Well, at least for me, I like how appetizing it is!

Seared Foie Gras ($19)

Instead of duck liver which is commonly used, Chef Vincent uses goose liver which is less gamey, tastes sweeter and creamier. The goose liver is served on brioche bread accompanied by mango citrus jam and berry compote. Each component on the plate complements each other thus making it another great starter to have on the menu.

Cereal Crusted Cod Fish ($28)

Inspired by the well loved cereal dishes commonly found in local tze char stalls, Chef Vincent brought the best of the Tze char stall to his restaurant and created cereal crusted cod-fish. Besides having a crispy cereal crust on top, Chef Vincent brilliantly paired the cod fish with braised vegetables in a sesame and ginger shoyu broth. Definitely a beautifully executed dish with the buttery cod fish gently melting in the mouth.

Sunrise Fish & Chip ($26)
I have tasted many fish and chips but never one that is presented this way. The snapper was deboned for easy consumption and deep fried to perfection. Topped with mango salsa, tartar sauce and french fries. It is another successful twist from the usual beer battered fish and chips.
Marmite Canadian Pork Shoulder ($26)
This is the dish that had me salivating before I started eating it. The pork shoulder is sous vide for more than 8 hours to make it more tender . The pork shoulder is generally a cut that is more difficult to prepare as it can be very tough and dry if it is not prepared properly. Through sous vide cooking, the meat is cooked under precise cooking temperature to prevent it from being overcooked and even the doneness is being assured. Thus resulted in a more juicy and tender meat. The pork shoulder is grilled to give it a final touch before serving. I like how well seasoned the pork shoulder is with marmite marinate. As compared to the usual pork shoulder dishes, it is more juicy and tender. However I feel that using an alternate cut might accentuate the dish further as pork shoulder doesn’t have as much fats as I like it to be.
Asian Five Spice Duck Leg Confit ($28)
Another highlight of the night was this Asian five-spice duck leg confit. The duck leg was sous vide for 8 hours before pan fried in its own fats. This cooking method resulted in a flavourful tender meat with a crispy outer skin. It is then paired with the tangy citrus and passion fruit sauce.

BBQ Beef Short Ribs ($32)
My favourite of the night was this BBQ beef short ribs. The short ribs was sous vide for 24 hours and roasted with Sunrise’s signature homemade BBQ sauce. Though it was cooked for 24 hours, the short ribs had successfully retained the tenderness and moisture. This was made possible by controlling the temperature during sous vide cooking. The texture of the beef is akin to a medium rare beef and the homemade BBQ sauce has given it an extra oomph. I can easily shout out “take my money” for this dish anytime any day.
Tiramisu Semi Freddo ($12)

Semi-frozen mascarpone cheese was layered with Kahlua jelly sponge and served with milo crunch and tuile biscuit.

Salted Egg Yolk Custard Molten Chocolate Cake ($14)
Singaporeans have a special love for salted egg yolk. But Chef Vincent has bring the love for salted egg yolk to another level by putting it together with another hot favourite amongst many people, chocolate molten cake. The warm chocolate cake with flowing salted egg yolk custard lava was served with vanilla ice cream. Definitely a tease to the palette and a great way to end the night.
Spam Chips ($9)
Truffle Fries ($8)
For peeps who like to just chill with a pint of beer, there is Hoegaarden on the tap. If you’re a spam fries lover, do not miss the spam chips here. The spam is thinly sliced to the thickness of a potato chip before it is deep fried. Warning: it is super addictive!!
Thank you Christine and Chef Vincent for the media invite. Coincidentally, it was hazel’s birthday. Glad that we celebrated this joyous occasion with awesome food created by Chef Vincent! With more than 20 years of culinary experience in Japanese cuisine and sous vide cooking, Chef Vincent has definitely added colours to this “sunrise” in the eastern part of Singapore.
Sunrise Bistro & Bar
902 East Coast Parkway #01-05 Playground @ Big Splash Blk B Singapore 449874
Tel : 6440 9090
Operating Hours: Mon – Thu 11:30am to 1am
                       Fri 11am to 2am
                       Sat 10am to 2am
                       Sun 10am to 11pm
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